Sunday, March 25, 2007

Broken hymns of the olive land ...

I stand with open arms a chorus behind me with nothing to say and my eyes teary
I hang by a thread from base to abyss, my neck stretched and my back weary
The years unravel throwing morsels of letdowns and putdowns my way
I wait in patience and good faith for a gift from above for a much better day

Dark are my words dim are the signs endless is the night scary is a life without quest
I would have lived as I wished thrown of life what I wished and taken the best
Hair avalanching colors of life and arms inebriated with the moist peck of the ocean
Chuckles breaking in the background and hearts racing skipping beats without caution

Their shadows haunted mine imprisoned my heart in shackles and tied the rest
Far on the hills echoes of my madness cascading pain of the world on their chest
Their eyes on my walls their fingers in my daily bread my olives a bitter potion
A story of boiling hate that masks by the weight of living the magic of creation

I stand with open legs with twisted arms stories behind me and my eyes teary
I lay sweating and shivering forever forgotten, my words forgiven and my back weary
I wait in fear for your light for your revenge for your wisdom and for a much better day
You ask of my children to live and forgive and to smile, eyes to the heavens and I say; until I forgive you my rage my grief, my torture, my ailing limbs and my dismay,
My children will stand proud will look away from your heaven and will smile my way


transient said...

I like your style, your poetry is fantastic, not as good as mine, but good :)
of course i'm kidding, let me know what you think of the poem i posted, i don't get much feedback.

Mirvat said...

that means a lot coming from you thanks. and no no, it's not real poetry compared to yours, seriously. i just write what i'm feeling in short sentences, no structure or aim.. people started commenting telling your poem this your poem that and i didn't argue :) to me it's a short passage of scrambled words..

transient said...

don't underestimate it, you have a knack for this writing. It may not be traditional poetry, but people like reading it and take something personal from it, so it is of literary value. And obviously it is not mushy, corny or cliched. so keep it coming.