Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The iron man
As the golden rays tenderly reinvade our days. As the shy Spring springs the first promise of summer and heat and fun, everyone around me seems to be falling in love. I am falling in love too. I am falling in love with Bobby Flay. I am. This is serious! I am clearly not one of those teenage girls who fall in love with television characters so where is this coming from? I really love him. I’m obsessing with the guy. I can talk about him for hours. I know everything about him. Anyone knows him? He’s a New Yorker so it’s not like I’m falling for a Hollywood personality. Now that would be tacky. He’s also very real so this is not coming from an immature fantasy. Real? He’s an iron chef.. How could that be real? Iron chef, how sexy is that? I need to be put behind iron bars, now that’s for certain. I have been staying up all night, every night for the past week to watch reruns of his show. I'm exhausted and very busy these days to be doing this. Again, anyone knows him? Seriously! Forget it. Forget I said all that.


rola said...

surely, you jest! Bobby Flay?

Anthony Bourdain baby!

Anonymous said...

Simply jealous.

Mirvat said...

bourdain is a class act but bobby has a dangerous quality about him but he also managed to be unpretentious and sweet.

anon don't be. i'm sure you're also a good cook.

_z. said...


get some sleep habibteh... you seem a bit tired.

(mahdoum el post)

AM said...

Haha, very funny!
Don't lose sleep over him, he is mjawwaz!!!
Think 'NEXT'

J said...

I respect your statement "in bold letters" but I wish you keep a space for comment/defense at it seems you live in the past, actually you stuck there.

People, he deserve to defend himself???
Please vote…..

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

mirvat, maybe you're just hungry for that unattainable perfect food..
on another note: can bobby flay make good mloukiyeh, kibbe (either souniyyeh or niyyeh), or dandelionn mtabbal?