Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Suicide building, yeah right!

Palestinians need an impossible to obtain permit in order to escape the demolition of their homes built on land they own, while settlers get military protection but i gave up on fairness and empathy on the Israeli side long ago.

And nothing we didn't already know and argue here but i gave up on logic and honesty on that side long ago.

While you might be predisposed to some ideas growing up, the strongest opinions of others and the character-changing lessons in life are really the ones you form based on what you live and what you experience. We don't propagate hate, we just propagate ourselves. We are who society makes of us. We are the result of a global collective human interaction that will be affected by international politics, economics and culture. In today's wars, racism, commercialism and globalization of cheap ideas, cheap lives double lanes and fast gains, what a sad generation we must be raising!


Lirun said...

there is no monopoly on moral deviation my friend..

yesterday we saw a news report on a bunch of settlers who paid over 1,000,000 dollars for a building in hebron..

while i am pro two state solution i am not against a jewish community in hebron just like i am not against an arab community in jaffa..

the whole transaction was video documented.. even the guy receiving and counting the money.. and then he denied the transaction ever occured..

random palestinians were interviewed in the street.. even they questioned his actions..

i dont think the tear has to be so vicious.. we can be divided peacefully im sure.. but these voices need to be strengthened and not weakened..

Lirun said...

ok so now i learn that yeah there is some prejudicial treatment.. the extent of the inquiry by the authorities and the sequence of events is different when a palestinian is accused of squatting..

that sux.. but not necessarily always the case..

im gathering this information from haaretz..

Mirvat said...

yeah lirun, it's actually in the system depending on what rate citizen you are..
same with the denial of the right of return for palestinians (and we all agree to call it right of return for a reason no?) versus you've never been in israel but you're a jew anywhere in the world, please come, we'll give you money, come or god will get angry..

Lirun said...

try more like..

2000 years of persecution are enough.. we are happy to put aside a chunk of our earnings to allow you to avoid any further persecution.. it may be difficult for you to relocate and do so.. so we're prepared to lend a hand.. because you unlike others have no other country where your religion is the main one..

Lirun said...

i dont have any right of return to yemen sudan iraq egypt austria spain bosnia or poland or any other country that my family was chased out of and then chased back into.. nor do i wish for one..

my family's displacement didnt even necessarily occur during wartime..

i suggest you read for the account of a palestinian who shares a sense of realism..

snurdly said...


I'm not sure I understand the way real estate works in Israel. I don't see why a builder would sell homes they build knowing their is no permit. If that happened in the US the builder would be sued buy the owner. It's like a gun shop selling guns to anyone even without a background check or permit to be armed.

Mirvat said...

lirun do you really want to go there? you get tight with backward arabic notions wanting to drive jews out .. etc.. you think it's fruitless to keep blaming each other even when by doing that, at least, you are going back in history to evoke relevant events. at least you keep blaming the people who did take your country. what's the meaning of always talking about the holocaust? why do you think it's fair that the arabs have to pay? why bring it up anyway?

just keep reading your haaretz man. it's all in front of you if you keep your eyes open. read the margin to the left every day. read electronic intifada and keep convincing yourself that it's all lies..

snurd, you serious now dude?

snurdly said...

A website called "Electronic Intafada" doesn't sound very objective. They may as well call it "Virtual Shahid" or "Al-Quida Qorner"

Lirun said...

mirvs i wasnt talking just about the holocaust or the spanish inquisition or the russian rades or the harrassment in egypt and elsewhere that my family experienced..

im talking about history as a whole..

you talk about blaming others.. well you dont know what its like being jewish - you get blamed for e v e r y t h i n g.. just like you have been blaming for ages.. if you revisiting your earliest posts and see what you wrote in response to my comments you will see for yourself..

Rhiannon said...

excerpts from:
Atrocity Gods
by Ashley Howes

Strangely enough,
the past and current
examples of our crimes
mentioned above are
not because of
'holocaust deniers'
who in essence
question the veracity
of this 'Atrocity God',
but its adherents
who believe that by
'worshipping' images
of hatred, injustice
and brutality ...

they can in turn dish out atrocity themselves without doing wrong, because 'they' who make us fear atrocity, deserve to suffer it themselves, whilst 'we' who fear and fight against atrocity, are always reasonable people acting in reluctant but heroic self-defence.

This sort of view allows Israel, for example, to keep taking more territory in the name of self-defence without seeing the glaring hypocrisies involved.

Zbigniew Brzezinski
remarked on this during
a recent congressional
hearing about Iran,
namely that after
some sort of attack
on 'us' - false-flag
or otherwise -
we could then go after them 'defensively'.

This deceptive view is far more than simple self-serving opportunism: it is sincerely believed, something most critics and victims do not understand.


"well you dont know what its like being jewish - you get blamed for e v e r y t h i n g.."

But you are not Jewish. You are an atheist. Stop your whining.

Rhiannon said...

"A website called "Electronic Intafada" doesn't sound very objective."

Why doncha go to

They'll make you feel all nice and cozy over there, your "chreestian" zionist freakoids. If you accept Jesus as your Savior, they will bow down to your feet, you little "holier than thou Hebraic Moses of the Mountain" [sic]....

But who are we kidding? According to that maggot bunch you will die in the Hell's fire for smiting Christ the Savior. Shame on you for taking their billions and trashing the Holy Land with your wall of RACISM and HATRED, you glaringly obvious little anti-semite, you.

Rhiannon said...

GENE SIMMONS: My mother had a horrific life. At fourteen, she was in the Nazi concentration camps. Her sense about life now is, every day above ground is a good day. Just make yourself happy and don't hurt yourself. Make yourself happy.

Automatically we are to feel sorry for this punk and consider him a “special” human being and that anything else he says from this point on is OKAY.

And I find this fascinating: A mother from the holocaust who brought up "this". My point is made again. Nothing was learned from their holocaust - NOTHING.

Read on and I say: NO SALE! To the whole lot of the following Gene Simmons junk.

And BTW, what does mama have to say about the Palestinians, Iraqis, and the Lebanese? Blood being poured out in “her name”, on “her breath”, by “her history”. What? Didn’t mama learn anything from the Holocaust? And didn’t mama teach her little PUNK anything, besides staying "above ground".


GENE SIMMONS: Kiss is the number-one American band in gold-record sales. In the world, only the Beatles and the Stones are ahead of us. Every other band should be wiping my ass. The line forms over there to the left.

The line forms nowhere, except for the delusions swimming up your colon. Seeing that the dollar rules your sorry life, happily I would purchase Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’ or Marshall Crenshaw’s Someday Someway over and over, before I spent a penny on your ordinary base lines. And Mr. Petty and Mr. Crenshaw NEVER have to wipe your KKKhazar ass. You can get your daughter to do that, seeing that she is in such close proximity.

GENE SIMMONS: Prostitute yourself. As far as I'm concerned, that's even braver than waiting for the public to catch on.

EXACTLY and thank you. Thank you for being honest about the type of false "jew" that you are, which, no doubt, your tribe is trying to turn this world into a KHAZAR/ZIONISTIC planet. I am aware that you are talking about rock bands and the music industry, but the intent of your speech actually reaches into everything the USA/Canada have actually become - courtesy of the Zionistic Media – whores and pimps.

GENE SIMMONS: I want more guys like Kurt Cobain and Jerry Garcia to become dried-up drug addicts and kill themselves. I totally defend all these rock stars' right to become heroin addicts and die. I want them all to die and get out of my way.

More barbaric and scum behavior encouraged - because I can't really help but think that you MEAN this...

GENE SIMMONS: A whore, in my estimation, has more credibility than a wife, and I'll tell you why. A wife is supposed to marry you for love. A whore is not there for love, she's there to service you. Now, the difference between them is a whore, before she does her work, will tell you exactly what it is. She'll tell you, "Blow job? This'll cost you seventy-five dollars. This is not love, and after I'm done I never want to see you again."

GENE SIMMONS: A wife will tell you shit. A wife will tell you nothing. She's about to marry you. If you get divorced, she's going to take 50 percent of your gross pretax dollars and try to get more.

Are these the bed time stories you told your daughter when she was small? Your daughter is about 16 now. Are you saying you would prefer your daughter to be a slut as opposed to a wife, because in YOUR world there are two kinds of women?: dishonest, money-grubbing, male-bashing wives, or honest and respectful sluts, some of these sluts who have been known to do their business in their homes, their young children close by in another room.

GENE SIMMONS: You shall not covet thy neighbor's wife? Well, how about if she goddamn covets me? What do you think about that?

Keep it up bright boy!
Keep on proving to the world that you are indeed a FAKE, self-styled “jew” – that you couldn’t possibly be one of the CHOSEN - who is in fact nothing but a KHAZAR/ZIONIST who has no belief in God (because the Chosen would have to BELIEVE IN GOD now wouldn't they???) and would continue to MOCK the Ten Commandments - nothing would give you greater satisfaction than spitting in the faces of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus – as a day with a whore would not be so satisfying - that you are just a false jew born in bastard “israel”, that you are just a phallus-worshipping nub of flesh with hardly a connection to conscience/spirit/soul.

Yeah, you keep it up bright boy.

GENE SIMMONS: I think Christians are wrong. They're wrong because you're not judged by your actions, you're judged by your beliefs, which is to say that if you're Hitler and right before you die, you say, "Jesus, I'm sorry," you get a better chance of going to heaven than the millions of people you killed.

Hitler again.

So by your "estimation" you would consider mass-murderer Ariel Sharon a better human being than say Charlie Manson aka “jesus christ” - or even better than Hitler for that matter.

Well what is the difference?

Why did you bring up Hitler at all???

Oh. I forgot. You’re a “jew”. You “suffered”.

Here we go again... your deep need and desire, like all so-called “jews” to wrap up your hateful speech with some “Love me anyway, I suffered cuz of Hitler” shit.

And I say: NO SALE! The carpet of your sad holocaust tales is wearing THIN.

GENE SIMMONS: The Koran is actually a beautiful book. Some of it has some good ideas. But practically speaking, these guys are out of their minds.

Who are “these guys”? You said something decent and then you just threw it into the trash, and KNOWINGLY because you really HATE the Koran - in truth. You wouldn’t have said it this way, otherwise. So why bother? Are “these guys” supposedly the ones who wrote the Koran? What is this connection..... "these guys"?

“Practically” speaking?

More like PRETENTIOUSLY speaking. you really don’t know anything about Islam or the people who follow Islam.

By your "estimation":

the Torah is a beautiful book, but these “jews” are out of their minds.

The Bible is a beautiful book, but these “christians” are out of their minds.

You didn’t say “muslims”, but that’s what you meant.

Stick to what you know, Mr Semen, I mean Mr. Simmons: which is your bank account balance and your seminal fluid deposits.

God bless you for keeping “score”.

snurdly said...

Rhiannon singing to Borat: "Throw the Jew down the my country can be must grab him by his horns....then we'll have a big partyyy..."

Rhiannon said...


Is Borat a Jew or a "jew".... a fake "jew" like yourself? Or will you just be honest and agree with me that you are an ashkenazi zionist who has no religion whatsoever.

You can't be a Jew if you don't believe in God.

A party? Sure. Just shut yourself up in your room and grab your prescription meds.

Take off to Neptune, she's waiting for her snubbly.