Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ya 3youn Baghdad ...

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Four years ...


Zee said...

Oh, all is so disgustingly warped.
They hanged an other man today,
someone who was previously in US custody.
Blindfolded justice is no good justice.
I wish I could say something positive, but I can't - sorry.
Iraq is the nightmare that never should have materialized.
Humans are dysfunctional creatures, they never learn from the mistakes of the past ... oh well.

Lirun said...

is that the burning reflection on the bank of the river?

ya haram..

snurdly said...

The said they hated Saddam but they also hate their liberators. So, civil war it is...

Mirvat said...

yeah zee. another nightmare is the falling deck in the bush administration and the sad fact that it's just going to be the same and it's all hidden in the bipartisan scam.

hey lirun. how are you?

snurd, for a person with your curiosity, involvement and information, you surprise me with your overly simplistic statements. liberators? like the birth pangs in lebanon yeah?

Lirun said...

im ok mate.. getting over a terrible cold and a severely damaged heart.. my nyc escapade has broken me down..

i miss her with every drop of my existence..

how are you?

snurdly said...


Iraqis clearly need a brutal dictatorship in order to keep calm. Its not about simplicity, it just is. Saddam knew how to keep his country in check. Yes, we liberated at least the Shiites from Saddam. These are the same Shiites that cried about how evil Saddam was, how he gassed 100,000 of them. But when we got rid of Saddam they spit in our face and say how we're occupiers. The they form death squads, militias and run their own country into chaos. Next time a Saddam pops up let him do whatever he wants...yes, we learned our lesson.

Mirvat said...

that's nyc for ya.. we're all in love with her :) i'm well thank you.

snurd, i'm not going to reply. this is too absurd at this point to go back to.

Lirun said...

oh hang on.. hahaha

no not nyc.. the chick i met there..


my heart is a hostage of her whims..

snurdly said...


How about the chick Leonardo is going with? Talk about making your heart sink...LOL!

Lirun said...

bar refaeli seems delightful but i would prefer my girl anytime anyday..

Mirvat said...

snurd, are you in israel or in the US?

snurdly said...

Mirvat-- I'm in the US...not too far from you actually (Baltimore, Maryland)

Mirvat said...

an american jew? have you been to israel?

snurdly said...

Mirvat-- yes, in 1992 for 4 months.

Rhiannon said...


God Bless You!.....your severly damaged heart, and I don't doubt that it is nor do I doubt that this Iraqi boy's leg could match your damaged heart, you poor "persecuted"'jew'.


Why don't the israelis let DiCaprio and rafaeli take a walk in the West Bank? Great scenery conducive for love-making, doncha think? It's only fair that tourists see the WHOLE big picture of what 'israel' really is.


"Israel is the only country in the world to encourage the US in continuing its illegal and criminal occupation of Iraq.

Israel is the only country saying that the US occupation is "essential" to its so-called "security".

Israel must be delighted to see what has happened to Iraq and to the Iraqi people.

After all, the Zionist lobby in the US did work very hard to deceive and manipulate the American people into thinking that Iraq posed a strategic threat to the world!

After all, the Zionist lobby practically owns each and every US Congressman or woman.

All this however is not enough for Israel.

Israel still wants another blood bath... in Iran...or Syria or Lebanon.

The fact is that Israel is an unwelcomed terrorist regime that was founded by a group of criminals and that is ruled by them.

"A Clean Break" was initially written for Mr. Netanyahu...an Israeli.. who is received by US Senators and Congressmen like a hero.

Well bravo for the US Zionist neocon government and Israel...

What goes around comes around..."

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