Sunday, July 09, 2006

And i promise not to hide...anymore...

He will forever be,
my downfall.
He never was,
He is gone
and he's over.
I have never been
nor will I ever be
I am rarely sure of anything
But I know I love you
And i vow to never change
I vow to never let you change
I promise you a lifetime of happiness
Full of imperfections
A handful of stories
Unpredictable ends
Never unwinding twists
Never ending paths
A life of ups and downs
But a life…
And whenever you take away my pain
I promise you a kiss
And a wink at sunrise
Your arms will be my bliss
I promise you warmth
In the evening breeze
And every spring
A new beginning
And in early summer days
A world of blossoms
And in the fall
I will not let you fall
I promise you to be your fling
And to keep a young heart
And to always wear your ring
Even when we’re apart
I promise not to hide
and tuck our stories
behind the walls
and when you are by my side
I’ll live in glory and stand tall
And forever
We will keep chasing the sun
I promise you this
I promise to give you a home
My darling
My best friend
For you have been
For better or worse
And for all what’s worth
My home...


hashem said...

M. This is my favourite so far...!
so powerful....
what you wish for what we all dream of...
"And forever
We will keep chasing the sun"
habbayt hal part kteer...:)

Mar said...

My Rendez-Vous with the past…is my favorite post to read here. It's what got me addicted to this blog.
It felt like I've experience that but in actuality didn't.What you write feels so familiar. Greatly enjoy it.

Muhammad EL-Ashry said...

very nice post

Zee said...

If someone would write a poem like this to me, I would consider to love this person for the rest of my life.
But I guess reality does not work like that...

AM said...

Great post M :) great one :)
You caught me in a very close mood with this post :)

PASO said...


Amr T said...
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_z. said...

I second zee's comment.

it is simple and everything we think we would like to offer and provide for our better half.
these are our hopes and dreams, put in beautiful poetry and words. (as you always do so wonderfully ya mirvat).
I say niyyelo! (lukcy him) for this pure and solid, sincere promise.

hope you can stay true to your beautiful words, and promise.

I was blown away by "the moon and new york city", but I think I prefer this one better. I can identify more with it.

The photo scared me a bit though. It was like a deja vu. A friend of mine posted a poem a while ago, and he attached a picture. A photo of his girlfriend. I know her well. The picture is very very similar to the one you posted; a variation of it. then last night I read it again for some reason. I wake up today I click on the link to your blog, and there is your picture... for a minute I really didn't know if I was on your blog or his... enno I am talking too much nonsense here, but... it felt weird... sorry!

Mirvat said...

hashem, you deserve nothing less yourself my friend. thank you, may you soon have a person to chase the sun and to live all the happiness with :)

thanks mar, i wanted to make it easier for you to access it :)crescendo of aggression is my personal favorite, maybe because it reflects something that was very dear to my heart.

muhammad, thank you and nice to see you here

zee, of course it does! i wrote this and i linked it to poems that were written in moments of passion, lust and jealousy even to show the contrast with a calmer more realistic kind of love and appreciation of another person. you'll find it.

am_pm thank you and hope to be able to write with less sadness all the time.

paso, amr, thank you

_z. thank you. niyyelo? ana niyyele, always niyyelna when we feel and react to something or someone.

_z. said...


Eve said...

"He will forever be,
my downfall"...
lek shu hayda ya mirvat! habbeit!

Mirvat said...

thank you eve

Anonymous said...

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