Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ángel de la muerte

in the middle of the busy hour,
i look away.
I look to the sky
I look around
in the crowd
for your face
I am starting to forget your face
The grief aged me my love
And I live for the memories
The lifetime of happiness we had
Is starting to fade away
And I think of different times
I miss the butterflies in my stomach
when the train arrives and the doors open.
I miss my little efforts to make everything perfect
for your eyes and all your senses.
I miss the dreams, the worries and the plans.
I miss the unusual visits and the unexpected smiles.
I miss the mistaken identities and the mystery.
I miss your whispers of your forbidden love
I miss the hours of discovery and the thrill of unraveling…You.
I miss…
My life ended when you left me…
And I pray for the angel of death
To have mercy on my wilting soul
till one day…
In the middle of your busy hour
you will look away
and you will see my face...
She seemed to say...


Eve said...

dont approve of the situation bass habbeit very much the poem :) yo2sof 3omr l grief shu inspirational

DA said...

Auch..that hurt. Beautiful writing!

Ghassan said...

'I don't think two people could have been happier than we have been.' He seemed to say...
how peaceful her sorrow seems... old, old, yet very fresh, like a wound that will never heal. not with age. not with time. not with a her white gown, not even with a balcony under the sun.

Mirvat said...

eve neither do i, but it's how life is.. no?

da thank you, a bit sad i know..

gus, isn't she a vision? comme un tableau. her sorrow is forever reborn as long as she keeps living him. sweet sorrow.. it's a hint of young images of love spoken with simplicity and grace like her old age would allow..

Mar said...

They must be exchanging unspoken words. He's to her right, on another balcony reading her mind.White dress, white hair, colorful soul.

Anonymous said...

mirvat, why angel de la muerte?

Mirvat said...

and she knows he's there, right beside her like he's always been but the longing is becoming unbearable and life is too tough on her and that's why she calls upon the angel of death anonymous

Anonymous said...

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