Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Où vais-je te cacher...Quand je m’en vais ?

I have waited
Long enough
I have lived
Every moment
Every waking moment
Towards you

Wearing my hooded shirt
Melting in the crowds
I left a window open
For you to crawl inside
I crossed a brick arcade
And drank under the moon
The bet has been paid
To the creatures of the night
I spread the scents on your bed
And died the tip of your shawl
You fled the lights instead
Left no shadow in sight
I hung my hair on a tree
And swam in the blue satin mist
The retched gates wait for me
From your fate I shall not hide

Et je vais t’aimer
Chaque jour
Un peu plus chaque jour
Un peu moins chaque jour
Je vais penser a toi
Chaque jour
Jusqu’au jour quand
J’apprends comment


_z. said...

you miss him!
memories are not meant to be forgotten.
you will never be able to forget, instead you will learn how to live with... and that's much better. more enriching. a step closer towards "complete".
good luck!

Mirvat said...

just lines z... just random lines

_z. said...

tab chou! how am i supposed to know... I take everything you write seriously :P

Mirvat said...
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Mirvat said...

hint ;)
when i write about me, i say 'her'. makes it easier to talk about it. sounds weird i know and now you know.
don't take what i write seriously :) i take a small feeling and run wild with it.

_z. said...

hehe, this is why I like it here... your blog!

* thnx for the hint.

Ghassan said...

mais il me semble que Narcissus a quitte la scene dans ce tableau!
have you got the title wrong? or is this a genius hint to tell us/him something by cropping him out? hahaha, (et comme toujours, elle rit aux eclats!)

Mirvat said...

Diabolical... i expect no less my dear :) narcissus is still in notre dame, teaching Quasimodo some self-worth... hahaha..maintenant je ris aux eclats.

Anonymous said...

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