Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A blast from the past (II)

There he was…
It was nothing like she envisioned it would be but she knew she would never be prepared for this moment. He looked just like she remembered him and just like she hoped he would. He was not a memory anymore and he was not locked a vision in the back of her days. He stood by himself without her to create him and add fantasies around him. And around him… was a crowd. He always had a flock of followers around him which made it the more difficult for her to face him. With a lump in her throat and a knot in her gut, she gathered her courage and walked over to him. It was a walk of eternity. She anticipated a cold encounter and was prepared for the worse.

On the way there
I see you
Disapproving looks
Arms of disappointment
And phrases of disbelief
Scorns and screams
And discarded dreams
And we’re worlds apart
Born again with new hearts

On the way there
I see you
a poem written by a boy
to a girl he learned to love
a never ending coincidence
a pretending existence
a friendship protecting
my false pretenses

On the way there
I see you
I relive you
Every moment of you
I laugh like a child again
My arms surround you with pride
I kiss your beard and you kiss my eyes
I celebrate life through you
And I wait for you

She crossed the never ending steps to get to him. She fixed her hair on the way and pasted a nervous smile on.
Over there…
when she got there…
There was another man taking her in his arms
In his foreign arms
And she was another woman
A woman she did not recognize
She searched in his eyes
For a trace of him
When she found something else
The greatest gift she could ever receive
She found forgiveness
And only then she knew
That with their dying love
Her pain can stop…


Zee said...

I'm following your "blasts from the past" - interesting, seems like you can read my heart.

Mirvat said...

you've been through something similar? i guess who hasn't, right?

Mar said...

My favorite posts on your blog are the ones written about HIM. The way you describe THAT past and this present simply amazes me.
My all time favorite one is the phone call, when he was 10 years late. I always go back and read it.

Mirvat said...

thanks mar.
btw, i write about HIM, and i write about THE OTHER. sometimes i don't know where one ends and the other begins. and i shuffle in my memory between then and now. the thing is though, that the idea of the blog was to let it out and be done with it. having seen him too helped alot.
so i think i'm done with the memories for a while.

Ghassan said...

How terribly Tosca-esque of you to put it this way (E morto! or gli perdono!)... but no, I disagree. I don't know why. I think I loved you, you two, too much... and death still is a pain.

Mirvat said...

well, when a love dies another is born..

Anonymous said...

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