Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The best microscopists in the world

I got my monthly Cape Cod MBL journal and i saw a picture that reminded me of those days. 10 unforgettable days. We all became instant friends. We worked very hard and partied even harder. We bonded over lobster feasts and beer at the kidd every night after the seminars. The most wonderful bunch of physicists, optical engineers and microscopists. Most of us, the cell biology chicks, fell in love with the technical faculty dudes. The brilliant guys with all the answers and all the tools. We had a brief reunion on New Year at a fabulous party at Rockefeller. As decided, we will always meet at ascb every year. So don’t forget the message board, Olympus, Nickon, Leica and Zeiss’s commercial stands. I always find a dear friend there.


_z. said...

yalla go for a reality tv show... you have all the elements needed to make it successful.
re-live those times.

Mirvat said...

it was like a reality show. didn't lack any of the drama needed.

Anonymous said...

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