Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Toxic Tango!

- My eyes adore you every morning after
- Every night before, a perpetual disaster
- Your muffin with blueberry on my night stand
- Your coffee in a hurry and your hidden wedding band
- The wrinkle on your nose, the freckle on your shoulder
- Your unsolicited prose, an illusion I could smolder
- I found my home in you, my tower of strength
- What will I ever do, you’re my prison of eternal length
- The way you shake when your body becomes my salvation
- When all is fake, a girl has to delve into her imagination
- My love for you will stay
come shine or come rain
Paroles, paroles, paroles ... I wish I were in love again
- Fixing my missing buttons to keep me warm
- Tearing mine in your silly explosive storm
- Your playful glance towards me across the room
- My daily stare at the reason of my doom
- An endearing rub on my neck as you pass me by
- Testing my means of freedom and practicing the alibi
- You’re the voice in my head, you’re my premonition
- I’ll put a gun in my head if I don’t change my disposition
- Spending your day in my arm
- Thinking of ways to give you harm
- My love, my darling love, what am i to do?
- Just dance and try not to step on my shoe


angelus said...

très jolie, le rythme est parfait pour un Tango ou une danse a quatre temps!
une sorte de tourbillon qui tourne et qui emporte loin des tourments du quotidien.
merci pour la danse mirvat et a+

laila said...

love this post!

Maya@NYC said...

ktiiiiiiir helo!!!
as angelus said : very rhythmic, musical... can't get enough reading it!!

Rhiannon said...

Two things:

*I think you would make a great film director.

*Any married man who gives me an endearing rub on my neck gets his toes squashed by the slamming of my heel.

Ghassan said...

hahaha. this is hilarious :)