Friday, November 03, 2006

Our times
It is true what I suspected. I get attached to people because I get nostalgic towards everything that happened in my past and I like the memory that corresponds to and gets evoked with certain faces from the past. I also have this very strong mental association of each person I know with a set of emotions that go with them like a short movie in my head and each movie has its own soundtrack and colors and smells. Seeing you again reminded me of hour long discussions about the Pagan origin of Christian traditions, of screaming at the radio listening to Michael Baisden, of running out of lab at 3 in the afternoon when the boss is not looking to watch Dr. Phil, of politics and life and love and your beautiful Jamaican colors, of your support during my desperation over the war in Iraq and mine during your desperation in love, of fighting me for being an atheist and accusing me of lacking a soul and changing your mind when I prayed with you for the recovery of the king of soul who made us both cry as we missed our fathers.

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Ghassan said...

testing testing

Ghassan said...

eh misheh.
I liked the post mirvat. and wanted comment. but I couldn't for a while. now I can. but forgot what I wanted to say!!

Eve said...

eh ana kamein ghassan :)
shu hal song, i kept listening to it shi 20 marra mbereh.

Zanzounito said...

That is a true friend. Even after disagreements, even after seeing you at your lowest points, a true friend stands by your side.

Mirvat said...

eve it's luther vandros.