Friday, November 03, 2006

On paper ... Off the mind ...

A couple of American soldiers or so were killed in a suicide attack in Iraq.
Let’s just be simple about this. The soldiers are clearly there because they’re idiots. They’re poor men gathered from ghettos and from the projects and the poor neighborhoods. They’re students who want to write off some loans or just mere idiots who think they’re on some kind of a mission other than policing the greasy interests of the stuffed suits in the region. Yet some are just thirsty for blood as the well-anticipated Seymour Hersh report will soon reveal. I have to acknowledge that the Iraqis who are operating against the Americans are resisting an occupation. We can't ignore the additional civil war turmoil which is cause by direct hatred of the different sectarian groups towards each other as well as by the covert false flags by outside groups turning these against each other, the Israeli, the American and the Iranian interference in the matter, but simply really why are the Americans fighting the Iraqis?

The resistance by the Iraqis might be carried on as a form of pressuring the government of a certain defined enemy. This is how small militias operate. I would assume this would be the only reasoning behind spilling bombs into civilian areas in Israel proper. As wicked as these actions are, I could understand the strategic significance of an unbalanced war against a much stronger occupier that is inflicting tortures and terror on the people it occupies. The problem in the case of Iraq though is that the American government had sent its troops abroad. Do you remember an old little cute movie with Dani Devito where his wife gets kidnapped and he doesn’t pay the ransom because he wanted to get rid of her in the first place? It leaves the kidnapper in a very embarrassing and hopeless situation. I think the American government can’t care less about those American kids dying there so really what’s the point of the resistance operations if the husband is not pressured? Instantaneous self-defense maybe so I presume the American troops are inflicting suffering that, to the people’s judgment, deserves such a response (Abu Ghreib maybe?). In the larger sense a moral obligation of freedom fighting towards an occupying force, of course.

That still leaves me wondering about the persistent motivation of those American kids who are there. So the troops find themselves stuck there because no one cares to bail them out. The Iraqis have to resist since it’s their national duty, fighting each other in the process as well due to a sudden release of authority that left them with territorial struggles as a priority. The American government is profiting and had assigned the Iraqi government as cover. Iran is negotiating …

How will this ever end? What country is next? Really what was the war in Lebanon about? How absurd is this? Only 2 months ago a bunch of Israeli kids and Lebanese kids were ready to kill each other. Why? Who do we do it for? The sons of an occupied land will always find a moral reason but what about the sons of the empire who do it just so the sons of bitches in power get richer? Where is the motivation there?


jij said...

The soldiers are victims too. The crushing majority are poor kids who can't find a job and can't go to college because of the economical injustice in this country. They don't have a choice. Check how agressively the army recruits in poor areas and states. Realities caused by the current and past ruling institutions are to blame. Let's keep focused here, it is a sad day when we start blaming human beings for events much larger than themselves ;)

Mirvat said...

I know that jij, and I made that point. i know the deception that goes with the drafting program. I’m talking in simple terms really otherwise i can't find hope, what gives a military regime its power if not the military personnel?
Do you blame the powerful master mind but not the less powerful executioner? The large events might be planned by the elite but they can't be carried out without the masses. Let’s not call it blame, call it expectation. I have to hold the American people accountable and expect them to rise up (look at what’s happening in Mexico) and decide what will happen to their country since that will decide what will happen to the world. Indulge my frustration trying to think of a solution. do we hope for the neo-cons to acquire a conscious, for the democrats to develop some balls or does it seem more plausible for those same poor people to say no like they did in Vietnam. Every day they lose more chances to their own freedom, the last straw was the military commission report. All this affect all of us directly so I do blame them.
As for your last sentence, I think it's a sad day when weakness and ignorance serves as a cause for surrender and this is what we would be allowing the soldiers to get away with. a man who lives and dies for the fake chauvinistic bloated notion of nationalism should be expected to show the same courage for the notion of humanism.

snurdly said...

Youre right. I think Saddam should be put back to power and try to reverse this trend of violence. The US should also resupply Saddam with enough poison gas to quell the sectarian violence like he did so well before. The American way isn't working.

After all, it's not "occupation" if you have a brutal dictator who is from your own country.

The violence in Iraq also deserves far more coverage than that silly genocide in Darfur. It can't be that bad over there since the Americans and the Israelis aren't remotely involved.
The media has been so good...I can't even remember when I've seen an article about that rediculous genocide in Darfur!

Al-Quaida Guy #1: "Brother, if we create a civil war...Sunni vs. Shia...they will still blame the Americans!"

Al-Quaida Guy #2: "Wow...good thinking brother...we can even fight the Americans by blowing up Iraqis in the mosques at worship!"

Mirvat said...

the american way was to supply saddam with the chemical weapons he used on the kurds.. did you just ignore that fact?

we hate brutal dictators too and we hate when americans support them and provide them with weapons to keep the people quiet.

an occupation is an occupation. believe it or not people die more efficiently with bombs so yes i think bombing the fuck out of the iraqis was not a good way to help.

speaking of help and bringing democracy, i would like to see the americans bring democracy at home :) the mid-term elections are in 3 days and talks about fake voting counts are already out.

no snurd, i don't think they're killing each other just to give americans a bad name. and you don't need to tell me about selective coverage. when genocide was taking place in lebanon, corporate media here was covering civilians casualties on your side of the border and what about the genocide taking place within your borders?

Rhiannon said...

[jewishatheist snurd] "The violence in Iraq also deserves far more coverage than that silly genocide in Darfur. It can't be that bad over there since the Americans and the Israelis aren't remotely involved.
The media has been so good...I can't even remember when I've seen an article about that rediculous genocide in Darfur!"

You think your fancy with your sarcasm but what is clear is your slow-dimwitted thinking, and it shows, oh yes, it shows every WORD and SENTENCE of the way.

You "think' you appear on these blogs with "good intentions", you "THINK" you know what you are talking about, and you "think" what you say does not merit any derisive snort or the reactions of people that seem to go unnoticed aren't filled with contempt and nausea.

You have no idea.

To begin with:

The coverage of Iraq is NOT TRUTHFUL.

It's just like your pancake mix of zionist gunk - the great Mitchell Bard of the zionist followers and bumkissers - you remember - the one you thought you were clever with a 20 mile post of his LIES - not far at all from the distorted coverage of Iraq.

TRUTH: Iraqis treated Jews (the REAL Jews) by far better than your Mossad -Haganah and other assorted gang of punks.


Why don't you just walk into the wall, and take a big bite.

Zionist organizations in the USA give millions to the Military in Darfur.


Could it be that Sudan will serve 'israel' with Oil interests down the road one day?

Zionists organizations, including your beasty little Charles Jacobs is King of the rallies against war in Darfur.


Could it be that this is just a manipulation of the Zionist persuasion to DEFLECT ATTENTION AWAY FROM PALESTINE, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND LEBANON? Could it be that this is just a manipulation of the zionist persuasion to DEFLECT ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE INHUMAN CRIMES OF 'ISRAEL'?

Since the 60s, 'israel' has been selling weaponry to militias in Darfur.


Aside from the fact that that is the only "lucrative trade" that 'israel' has going (but of course with a little help from ITS friends) - could it be that 'israel' is only too happy to help and FEED the strife in Darfur? Must be that OIL, and isn't Darfur also another strategic place for 'israel' and USA to do their military-self-serving business?


Meanwhile, back in Iraq....

MOSSAD Guy #1: "Brother, if we create a civil war...Sunni vs. Shia...they will still blame the Americans!"

MOSSAD Guy #2: "Wow...good thinking brother...we can even kill some of the Americans while blowing up Iraqis in the mosques at worship! Who would know?"

snurdly said...


I'm sorry you didn't win the Iran Holocaust cartoon seems the top 3 winners were men. Maybe next time...

Mirvat said...

Snurd Milosevic was a bad man but it was the NATO that killed 6000 people. this is the american intervention and this is the concept in iraq.

snurdly said...


Should we not have intervened because some innocents may get killed? Even US soldiers expect some casualties.

Mirvat said...

snurd have you stopped to think:
overthrowing the regime took what? a week. do you really think the iraqis who are fighting back (insurgents or whatever they may call them) all belonged to a certain deck of cards as the americans defined them. don't you know that many are fighting for their freedom? many were completely opposed to saddam's ruling.
the syrians are the perfect example of oppressed people and better yet the egyptian regime (bush's allies) and the saudis (bush's friends) are dictatorships and i would imagine the people couldn't be happier to get rid of these rulers but do you think any egyptian or saudi or syrian would accept modern day colonialism, exploitation of their land and being bombed by a foreign super power as an alternative?

and do you really still think the americans intervened to save the iraqis?

the soldiers expect casualty but many now are speaking against an illegitimate war (an oxymorone for me since i think all wars are cruel and illegitimate) because they see that they are dying only to serve the interests of the corporations and the neocons in power and to keep the oil pipes well guarded

Rhiannon said...

[snurd] "I'm sorry you didn't win the Iran Holocaust cartoon contest..."

Holocaust? What Holocaust are you talking about? I don't know of any Holocaust.

Just like:

"Palestinians? What Palestinians? We don't know anything of these People? WHo are they? Where are they?"

-----golda meir - ACID queen of the zionist fig newtons and jellybots.


I don't know what planet YOUR from, but here on Zionist planet, it isn't earth at all, more like HELL to us.

You should read up more on our history so you can learn by rote the distortions, manipulations, and fragmented truths sandwiched between LIES we live by. That's our world. No Holocaust. Never heard of it.

Mirvat said...

rhiannone, i dislike the sarcasm on both sides actually! you're entitled to express yourself the way you want but we can go on forever with this approach without being constructive at all. you're trying to show snurd what he's doing by rising to the magnitude of his distortion of reality but do you really want to do that? it affect your credibility.

Rhiannon said...

I take NOTHING back.

Mirvat said...

sure. your opinions won't change but let's try delivering them differently?

Rhiannon said...

I deliver in many different ways.

I will take NONE of them back, certainly I will not soften whatever I said and however I said it.

Just DELETE me if you're troubled.

I am sick of hearing of the holocaust. I have mentioned this many times before in my posts.

Several times the holocaust crept up again on N.A. television - DURING THE INVASION OF LEBANON.

Guess the pressure of the world was sitting hard on the backs of USA and 'israel' and they needed some interviews of grandchildren and great grandchilren reminiscing of ancestral nightmares.

That's right - time to drag and pull out the love and sympathy of the people, therefore resulting in appeasement and docility of the American and israeli public and whoever else in the world.

Meanwhile, our death toll numbers of Qana are being considered too high. Actually, Lebanon staged the whole damn thing.


So the news is......57 didn't die at Qana. More like 20 to 26, actually it could be less.

Some of the pictures of children are pictures from past murders of other years.

Damn Lebanese! Guess they had to resurrect some pictures to fill out the drama.

Same with Jenin. 500 did not die. More like 50 with most of them being MILITANTS.

When will we learn to be truthful and CREDIBLE, (as you say)?

I could pull out tons of the history of Arab and/or Muslim people and turn ALL OF IT into negativity.

It wouldn't be difficult at all.

It's out there, right at my fingertips.

Maybe I'll do an Irshad (monkey) Manji. (According to HER, Muslims aided supported Hitler.)

THere's nothing as close to heaven as being on the Zionist Payroll.

Mirvat said...

do what makes you comfortable.
i'm trying to reach a middle ground with israeli commentators so i was trying to tone it down myself but i guess you're right, we're not getting anywhere with them in any case so vent away :)