Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A bientot ... Until the next spring ...

I leave you with a smile and a wish and a thank you for all your comments and support. It has been great.

Next time I’ll write to you it’ll be from a new place and, who knows, maybe with a new tone.
I never summarized what my blog will be about. I didn’t know in advance what I wanted to talk to you about and what my message to you would be. I still don’t.

One thing I know for sure.. The best thing you can do in life besides loving is dancing!

So gentlemen,
Whether you’re half naked schmoozing the ladies in a beach party somewhere, or in your best drinking champagne on a boat in city island, or losing your mind jumping up and down and shaking to a shakira song in some foreign country, just keep dancing.
And ladies,
Whether you’re cute as a button in your heels and your up-do hanging to your man’s shoulder at the opera or swaying to Joe’s Waynik, whether you’re in your sneaks and hip hop hat hopping on bars dancing techno, or you’re twirling in a salsa joint somewhere in the Caribbean, remember the goddess you are and just keep dancing.

Be good to yourselves and each other, don't be to the left or the right be everywhere, don't forget your family and loved ones and the palestinians, help because you can and because it all concerns you, don't be limited by your borders (not in an occupation sense Israelis), don't be an Arab or a Lebanese or an Israeli or an American, be a humanist, live in every direction, now is the time.

And know that the world is yours.

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laila said...

umm..what? lawein?

Mirvat said...

zhe'et :)
break. and don't have much to say for now.

Tavox said...

Woww, excellent site!!


Fouad said...

you'll be back

gitanes legeres said...

next spring starts november 9, 2006. and the new place is right here where u r sitting reading this.
yalla...the world is urs...

Eve said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eve said...

it wont be the same without you.. we'll be waiting. (i took my own break and i cant even stop browsing

Rampurple said...

dont stop!!!
not now!


(by the way great song!)

palo-girl said...

bye :(

hillz said...

min kill 3a2lik innik ray7a???

snurdly said...


It was fun chatting with you and hope to resume! Be well and good luck with your plans.

Mone said...

What happen..I just got to know you :(
anyways wish u all the luck..I m sure you will be great in whatever you choose to do..let your heart leads :)

Ghassan said...

yes it's a good time to take a break. you have so much to do right now as it is.
but still I won't miss the chance to say "gara eh ya shabba?howa d-khool el 7ammam zay khroogoo..."

Mirvat said...

fouad, i knew you'll say that :)

gitanes, it'll go by fast

eve, you shouldn't be long. i can go on not writing but i have to read your stuff.

rampurple, keep posting on LBF

bye palo-girl :)

hilal, i voted for you yesterday

snurd, same here

mone, i'll see you at your site, keep the poetry coming.

gus, not that, just hate to write from a bad place you know? and good one :)

yalla.. next spring :)

transient said...

just as your prolific and mesmerizing words begin to seep through barriers you steal away to hybernation. What metemorphosis will spring bloom?

_z. said...


de 1- ana min baddo ybakkineh?
de 2- we are a democracy, you can't just decide to leave all of a sudden.
de 3- I don't shake it to shakira, I shake it to the pussy cat dolls :P (akh)
de 4- grab a xanax, or go on a vacation, but come back.
de 5- does your leaving have anything to do with Rumsfeld resigning? (I could ask him to come back you know)
de 6- ... :( good luck! and thank you - please keep smiling - and think about "urban" issues.

Mar said...

There goes my daily stop...

I'll reread what u've written. It's worth reading over and over again..Be Happy xoxox

j-NYC said...

good luck

Maya@NYC said...

lek leh!!
shou sar!!
tst! ma bi sir hek....
I for one, will keep on checking in daily... from now till you decide to bring us back into your life...
(you must be very sad over Rummi.. is that it?? baddik nreddo? men reddo!)

Anonymous said...

you are a bit faster than me :)
and your spring is full of joy and dance
stay in touch, I know I will ...

Mirvat said...

transient, maybe none... half the fun is in the anticipation..

_z you kill me!!! you're so sweet inta 7atbakkeeni.. know i have urban issues on my mind zouzou. god you're sweet.

marmoura, you don't be long, we'll chat.

thanks j-nyc

maya, kamashtiya ;) my life is pretty hectic right now so i'm saving you the bitching and the nagging believe me :) i can't wait to read more of your stuff.

zee, yes i know :) tuning out a bit yeah? good.

Zanzounito said...

if we keep on posting comments for your return, will you??

Good Luck Mirvat!

calamity said...

i hope this break will help you do what you need to so one day you'll come back and do what you do great: write.

Hatem said...

We will miss you. I was passing by your blog frequently and enjoying reading it...

Lirun said...

esh andik ya habibti? initi taabana? ruhi nami shwaye

yalla salamat ya hilua

Mirvat said...

zanzoun :) i'm waiting for you to come back too. thank you.
calamity, thanks.
hatem, i will miss you too :)
lirun, i lost the drive to write when you stopped reading of course.. haha.. how is my evil twin doing?

Lirun said...

i expect very frequent visits..

you know i never stopped reading.. i just became quieter..

as usual - i remain madly in love with life.. and continue to believe that tomorrow will be sunnier.. love will be stronger and peace will somehow prevail.. and i am not a druggo!! hahah

will miss you dude..

hashem said...

stay safe. see ya soon. :)

Kodder said...

Woah is that you??????
Damn not only she is crazy (I like crazy :P) but damn hot too...

Abu Takla said...

bad timing for me.
good luck

Haider Droubi said...

well...although lately u stopped visiting my blog and commenting on my comments,,,but,,i m really sad i wont be reading yr words..yr vision of life,,and yr hope of peace,love and happiness.

hope yr peace includes all of us ..

with all my respect and kind regards,

Andrey said...

bye mirvat, come back soon!

Ingrid said...

Dear Mirvat,
you're so mysterious. Well, at least to me I have not had a chance to 'get to know you', as much as one can online. C'est dommage mon amie. But, you have good reasons and I will keep you in my favourites list (still have not put up a blogroll on my blog, tsk tsk) and visit you come spring. Au revoir!

C-dell said...

I don't know if you will ever read this, but this post is sad like you are leaving and never returning. This is my first time coming to your blog. Hope I didn't miss you

jooj said...

You will be missed :).
All the best.

Mirvat said...

eh hashem in vegas :)

thanks abu takla

kodder you made me blush :)

haider, sorry i wasn't visiting a lot of blogs lately but i promise to read more of yours

bye andrey

ingrid, i will keep reading your blog. it's my favorite place to go to vent on local politicians.

c-dell, i'll be back :)

thanks jooj

Rhiannon said...


You are lovely inside AND out.

Nice earrings. I want them. Give them to me!

We will talk again.


AM said...

Hey Mirvat!
Didn't you hear?
Spring is here already!!!
*just trying, barke ... *

Anonymous said...


Kodder said...

blush? come on :P.
I am sure I am no the first one who said that.