Monday, May 22, 2006

Under the third column at Park Guell
It is, oh i don´t know.. monday..tuesday..
i know it´s not the weekend
i know the keyboard here is really fucked up..
pepsi and cigarettes taste really bad in this country
they always do in a new country
this afternoon, i followed her with my eyes
i saw her go in and pick out some post cards with care
she came out again
picked a spot in the sun
and wrote down highlights from her trip
she wrote about her day and the day before
her little adventures and the observations and the dreams
she went over it again
under the third column
she caressed her hips
as she was reading
threw her cigarette out
picked up the card
and sealed it with a kiss
she didn´t have a stamp
she threw it in the mail box
with no stamps and no address
after all
she has nobody to write to...


laila said...

beautiful baby..just beautiful
i miss you too :)
estas en espana?

Mirvat said...

estoy en espana horita y amando lo. mañana ibiza y playa!!!

Zee said...

fucking brilliant! So, now for an address - I know someone who would love to get a postcard. You can give it to her and perhaps donate a stamp yourself. I hope she will be tickled by that offer.
So the journey is going well I suppose, didn't expect you "blogging" though ... must be those wee hours again. Hmm.
Still cool here, but warmth is on the horizon (weekend).
I will gobble it up once it is there, so will the plants in my garden.
You stay warm as well, inside and outside.
Cheers, Zee.

Ghassan said...

that's so sad.

hashem said...

Great to hear from you, but you made me so sad.
Hope your trip is going well.
Cheer up!

The Eyewitness said...

It's a pity.

Mar said...

I buy lots of postcards, full books of them, from every new place I go to. Never mailed any.Laziness is the reason.

We just got that postcard. See! she DOES have someone to write to :)
Have fun.

Mirvat said...

i know mar, exactly :)

Mirvat said...

hashem nice to check on you guys

well, it´s not so sad or a pity as it is the reality of people who live alone..