Friday, May 05, 2006


When you cry,
I’ll jump to the sky
And come to you.
When you grow,
you will know
What I did for you.
And when you take your first step
I’ll be watching you
And when you pass your first test
I’ll cheer and tear
And a little more
And when you drive your first car
I’ll follow you
And when you fall in love the first time
I’ll pray it won’t be
too tough on you
And when she breaks your heart
I’ll vow to hunt her down
And a little more
And when you love the second time
I’ll pray she won’t use you
And when she does
I’ll hope she’ll lose you
And when you love the third time
I’ll make sure she loves you back
And when you look down
I’ll wipe your front and kiss your chin
And if you go too slow
I’ll give you a hint
I’ll give you the world
And a little more
I’ll tell you my stories
The ghosts of past glories
And you’ll laugh at my old age
And I’ll take your youth under my wing
I’ll give you the spring
And a little more
I want you to lose your mind for a dream
Lose your balance for a woman
Lose your address to the world
Live your life messy
But live
I want you to give
I want you to dance
I want you my pride and joy
And more


Zee said...

Is that "yours"?
In any case, it is beautiful and compassionate. You touch the strings and chords flow these days Mirvat.

Mar said...

Very protective, beautiful indeed.

laila said...

amazing mirvat

hashem said...

I love it, simple and compassionate....
I loved the "a little more"...
I loved the "the ghosts of past glories"...
and before I forget, what a cute Dani :)

كمانجه said...

جميل جدا إحساس بسيط ومباشر وعميق أبنك هو حياتك او لما يجى هيكون كدا بجد كلام جميل

Mirvat said...

thank you all.
he's not mine. that's my nephew.
kamanja, nice to see you here.

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