Sunday, May 25, 2008

The day after ....

The storm seems to have passed. I have no idea how and why and for what reasons those who have died or suffered just did ... Since i don't know why things have worked out, i have no way of knowing if it will presist .. Maybe we have to hope Syria and Israel "indirect" negotiations work so that we can have this summer ...
We are capable of healing like no other people and capable of living when given the chance ...
Some pictures a day after the "demonstration" in downtown had ceased and a day before the "election"

my baby sister

2 hours of traffic to get to downtown Beirut

All the cafes were full .. you had to wait for half an hour to get a table anywhere..

All the beaches and resorts that weekend were full capacity..

Street traffic in Beirut

And i went out drinking and dancing for the first time in almost a year.. No reason to celebrate .. Just drinking away the stress of the past days and reloading for another round of insanity..

Oh let's just laugh and be silly for now ..

let's try to look fresh and put together

let's celebrate old beirut and new beirut

let's try and leave that Lebanese cynicism and pessimism behind for one season ..