Sunday, May 11, 2008

The USSCole is coming back to the Mediterranean
Typical American manoeuvre.

I find it curious that the policies in Syria shifted after Assad the father, leading to a manifestation of these policies (assassinations in political figures in Lebanon/reinvention of some old symbols/Militia-based forces in the region) that is totally in-sync with the manifestation of the American policies in the region.

I find it curious that the Americans are staging a state of fundemental clash with Iran while they seem to work harmoniously over the split of benefits with the Iranis in Iraqs. At the same time, the major benificiary of instating Iran as a major Arabic enemy and threat is the US arm trade. I find it interesting that Iran (along with its allies) is playing along.

Who knows? Who cares?

What i am saying is either it is very obvious or very wrong or very well the opposite.

The drive, however, is always money. Such as the contractors and the oil in Iraq. Such as the American arm industry. I just find it sad that in this day and age, we still lose life for more money and that the wars are always engineered in our part of the globe, as if it is easier to sell to the public opinion since we are already labeled as barbarians.

I do not see a future war in between Sicily and Sardinia to keep the American arm money going. After all, western countries are too busy advancing humanity. For that, wars should never end on our side and our reasons to start wars will always be encouraged and stressed upon.

Eastern Europe is impoverished, African states have their fair share of disasters and the post-USSR world and the -stan world is left under check. The 'civilized' west is compliant and in fear, the 'moderate' Arabic states are good investments which leaves China and North Korea for future uses ...

Our region is keeping the money flow for now. The tools, the collaborates ... Who cares? the political scene changes all the time. In the meantime, the victims are always the same.

My first observation when i first started interacting with Americans was that they are not very well-rounded as far as politics went. I think this is blissfull. They did not care much because they did not need to. Because they would never find themselves having to be directly involved in individual conflicts to defend some political party. This is mainly because they are not driven by ideologies or tribal feelings. We are. We care about politics. I wish we cared less. I wish we knew less. Americans are sadly now driven by blind nationalism in the post-9/11 world, towards war. It is always the ignorant bunch, the poor bunch, the desperate bunch.

Ideologies, racism, nationalism, religion, just mere hate .. reasons to kill each other, to destroy each other's homes and streets and hopes, to want to humitiate each other ..

Forget about all what i said. Forget about Conspiracies and about politics all together.

I want to believe that HA, albeit financially supported by Iran, is a mere resistance movement that wants to free Palestine or defend Lebanon in the future against possible Israeli invasion etc. Let's say this is the case (which is something i had believed in for a while). Taken all this as 'fact' if you will and after what HA did these past days, i do not want it as Lebanese resistance. Why should i live with such threat to be prepared in the event of another. why do i have to harbor a power that turned against me? against my home? against the street that raised me?

Why do i have to accept a political side, a resistance, that does not give me a choice, better yet, that condemns any alternative opinion i might have and considers it reason to persecute me and threaten my well-being, leaving no room for tolerance and understanding, reminiscent of the perpetrator this resistance opposes. Why can't i choose how to fight? Why am i belittled if i did not share the same ideology? Why do i have to respect their titles when they do not respect my life? Why can't i fight, as a human being, with my mind? Why can't we build consistently towards a culture, towards winning? Why are we not allowed to learn from our mistakes? Why are the children being raised on divides, on hate? Why do they raise future generations ready and willing to fight and to follow blindly, if they do not plan on keeping us in the dark and keeping us fighting each other for their gain? Why don't they raise minds like others did?

Why do i have to turn to politicians to know if i will be able to go to work the next day, if i will be able to leave the country if i want to, come back to my country and not be trapped in some foreign country that, soon, would want to expell me, if my nephews will be able to sleep in their beds, to sleep, if they will go to their schools, if i will be able to follow up on my medical treatment, if i will get paid ..

Why are we to be kept weak? kept silent, kept hypnotized, kept distracted, kept busy kept stupid. Why are we kept small? kept divided?
Why is my life made wortheless?


Anonymous said...

Mirvat-- Hi, it's SNURDLY.

Youre right about Americans and their lack of knowledge about politics. It's blissful ignorance solely out of entertainment and hedonism which seems fine in the short run, but in the long run would no doubt lead to disasters around the world where we just sit back and let happen (like Darfur and Rwaanda).

Hezbollah couldn't care less about Palestinians. Hezbollah is more concerned about the Golan Heights as it relates to the Syrian conflict as they are their major benefactor and a Shiite regime as well. This entity exists soley to promote Shiite hegemony, however they use the Palestinian cause (which they hijacked in the war) to ingratiate themselves in the greater Arab world.

Religion, nationalism etc. are inseparable to humanity. Everyone wants a sense of belonging to a greater collective. The best example I can give you is sports. Do teams and fans hate each other? Absolutely. Yet at the same time each understands that that they wouldn't exist without the other team.

Keep safe and have a good week.


_z. said...

mirvat my dearest friend... this sounds too familiar... this is so deja vu... this is you and I again, two years later, blogging about our unfortunate country...

I have a very bad feeling about this... it won't end just like that.
I hope I am wrong.

lafunk79 said...

i am laughing hysterically right now...and you know why??? just last week i swore off america, new york and FINALLY decided to return to Lebanon for good. i said to myself i would much rather take the risk of being unemployed and stuck in purgatory in my own country than have all the privillidge America has to offer me if i stayed. Now, after the gloriously barbaric (make you want to slam your head into a wall) move of HA i dont know if its a sign for me to stay in new york or leave! Is this the insecurity Lebanon keeps offering us???

lafunk79 said...

IS LEBANON NOT FOR US???? "US" as in you and me and all the free thinking, freedom loving, enough of this bullshit minded lebanese.....must we be lab rats...they give us a wheel and we keep bloody circles!!!!! why is my life, my future, my happiness in their hands??? my life is my own and no one can judge us but God..HA does not stand for Islam maybe once upon a its in desperate need of THERAPY!!

lafunk79 said...

how are the way? lol hope you and your family are in good health and safe.

Mirvat said...

lafunk we're good. we went outside beirut. how are you old friend? changed your name! how's new york?