Friday, May 09, 2008

Discussing the Palestinian cause with Israelis was always hard on me. I always found their rhetoric to be exhausting but it always helped, at least for the sake of keeping my sanity, to go back to the basics. To go back to the facts, away from propaganda and inflammatory name calling and useless history lessons.
To me, it was always easy and logical to try and set a platform of commonly accepted undisputed facts, in the hope of reaching some common understanding.
The equation was that unfairness and a bullying attitude had to emanate from power:
Fact: Israel is obviously more powerful and it exercises a very tight control over Palestinians.
Fact: Israel had launched wider scale attacks on its opponents.
Fact: Israel had trespassed to land given to the Palestinians by UN resolutions.
Fact: Israel had controlled the media inside Israel/Palestine and had been able to solicit international support.
Power is a tricky one. It always leads to unfairness. It must be easy, for some, to cross lines of human rights of safety and freedom of one’s religious expression and political loyalty, when one is drunk with power.
Fact: power corrupts
Fact: the party trespassing is automatically held accountable for all what follows. Especially when trespassing while spreading fear and chaos.
Fact: muffling media outlets is the highest form of corruption and the closest form to injustice and totalitarian control.
Fact: wi2am wahhab is a total freak, and delusional no less.

Beirut is surrounded. They say Beirut fell. Was Beirut a war front?
Wanting to intimidate the government? Wanting to parade strength? What is the point of what happened today?
I know people are sick and tired of all politicians. People are craving peace of mind, one carefree summer, going to work, being able to feed their families. They are too depleted to stand against any political compromise, any new decision. Only the politicians have this kind of drive. Only the politicians have this kind of interest, so why are the people being punished again?


Anonymous said...


Why when Lebanon is in an internal crisis does the attention always focus on Israel? These aren't Palestinians that have taken over Beirut.

History lessons are anything but useless. One would think the Palestinians would have accepted partition after Jordan was awarded 2/3 of Palestine, then called Trans-Jordan...but the Palestinians somehow divorced themselves from that part of historic Palestine as soon as Trans-Jordan was created. Had they not, and demanded that Jordan reliquish some land to the Palestinians I would have much more sympathy for their cause, knowing it was a true national identity they pursued, and not just out of revenge over a Jewish one.

Mirvat said...

i'm just trying to make a point here that most can identify with. really not wanting to discuss israel now

Mirvat said...

oh and hi snurd