Tuesday, June 03, 2008


She stepped on some rotten leaves on her way to see him.. she stopped in her track to wipe her shoes.. she had her new white scandals on to go with her summer look.. she ran to the back to freshen up.. on her way to the wash room, she saw her reflection in the mirror.. something caught her eye and her intrigue.. for the first time in her life she was not sure of what she looked at.. for the first time she did not like what she saw.. someone odd was looking back at her.. a stranger.. She ran tens of scenarios in her head of a life together, of days with loved ones and laughter and nights of longing, of work and happiness and sorrows and effort to keep going on.. she suddenly collapsed.. and ran home…

Milky spills in the wedges of her tiles fade out
Sutured letters stitched in her blanket wear out
The charcoal lines on her face hide your trace
Hide her stories her turning every night
She closes her palm hides your scent in her arms
If she cannot need you she will not ...

The June rays dribble down the days, slowly
The shine in her hair falls down slowly
Color climbs onto her cheeks and onto the creases of her neck
She evens the plights in her mind and her life slips into a wreck
Her pillow case drips in bits of her memories pieces of her soul
She had always been forgetful ...

If she does not find you she will shed her skin
She will plow her light her compass from within
Your face will mystify but your name will echo through
You are there as she fights through
And when she tucks the sun away, washes the salt from her hair
As she finds herself again
She will find you
If she cannot need you
she will not
but love you she will ...


Ghassan said...

this is so honest and so beautiful.

Lirun said...


lesh lazem bactub il password col mara

Sasmen said...

So nice, keep on the good work!