Thursday, May 08, 2008

Civil war

For reasons not clear to me, Beirut is being attacked. My mother is stuck and the area where she lives turned into a battle ground (she just told me that my sister's building was hit by missiles, my sister is fine, so are her two children). I cannot get to them and they cannot get to me. It is milishia men, with snipers no less, against unarmed inhabitants of Beirut. It seems armed men are attacking people in their homes, hitting buildings with missiles, stopping people in cars and checking IDs. They're shooting and bombing with no specific aims but unarmed folks. Interestingly too, people are not allowed to flee. The civil war has started?

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Zee said...

Not quite as vivid or up to date than your report here - nevertheless, check out mine if you can.
Mirvat - if this continues I enter into a nasty hissy fit.
I had it with Hizballah.