Saturday, May 10, 2008


poshlemon said...

Ya3neh, apart from the loss of lives, and the loss of faith... our heritage is very important. I'm not only talking about Baalbek ruins or so, but about normal high-rise buildings that were built in the 40s, 50s and 60s and that which echo a period in Lebanon's history. FutureTV's archives... wow, I have worked within archives and I know very well the devastating effect of such a loss.

Anonymous said...

I agree with her and her screams, and I scream with her as well
I would have never said though: "I regret being objective" (I honestly have never watched her show so I do not even know whether she was truly objective or not, but that is besides the point) I would also never say "I am regretting giving you food and opening our homes". The people she was helping are after all lebanese, and were taking the brunt of occupation for 25 years, so there is no need for terbee7 jmeeleh. this is a wajeb watani for us to help, actually no the wajeb watani was for the army to defend, but that is another debacle I do not even want to open..even if some zo3ran, thugs who think they are something because they have weapons enter like this to Future, I would not scream at the people..I think they were surprised by what happened as much as we were..and being wise dictates being responsible in the way we express ourselves.
I am still hoping it is not as sectarian as it looks, but I am very very very very is turning into rally around your sect's flag..and it will be another war..
I hope this i3lamieh and every soul in Lebanon will be safe.. and I salute her for being courageous.

lafunk79 said...

wlak dakheel rubaik...and i quote sahar,"You are defying God. In the human body there are two things nobody has a right to touch – the soul, and the voice".
THERAPY i tell you...and i repeat...HA is in desperate need of some much need psychological therapy..anyone know a good shrink?

Lirun said...

walla ma bifham kul kalem bas bifham shwaye and i can feel it..