Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A blast from the past (I)

She was waiting by the bar at her spot like she does every night whenever she is in town. Right at the corner, close enough just so he would know she is watching over him and far enough not to catch the eyes. Every now and then she would walk over and chase away any suggestive amply presented goods. To redeem himself, he would tell her that he said he was with her and she would sigh. She had memorized his repertoire and it had become her routine. As she recognized the song next to last, she prepared herself to leave. She made the walk to freshen up passing him by with half a smile and with her signal. When back she spotted a couple of familiar faces from the past. The two men she saw happened to come from an era she needed to summon. It was the time when she lost the love of her life. She tried to seem friendly and reminisced with one of them over the most irrelevant memories and shared current random events. He was brutal though. He insisted on taking her back despite all of her resistance. She tried to paste on the best poker face the years had blessed her with in vain. He was a man on a mission. He wanted to validate an effect he had on her fate through revoking all of her demons. She listened as the other one peaked over his guitar in her direction waiting for another signal.Suddenly she cried over her martini..She could not handle the emotional outburst…He made her relive the pain and she hated him for that…

A week later, another scene.
Over Amaretto and peach shnapps.
Between a laughter and a drag
She felt a presence
As she turned and looked over her shoulder
Across the room
Like it was destined for them not to meet
All these years
Like her eyes did not deserve to see him
Before today
But there he was…


Zee said...

This is very private, but very beautiful.

Mar said...

And his eyes? Still looked the same?

Mirvat said...

yes, they did but i didn't see myself in his eyes like i used to. oh well :)

Anonymous said...

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