Saturday, June 24, 2006

- But it has not been summer all the time
- I do not live for the sun rays when my heart is warm
- What would happen to us?
- Your life is not mine to live
- How could you be so certain?
- I am most uncertain, yet…
- Is there another choice?
- No other man… no other world…

My darling
Do not cry
You know as I do
It is time
Now it is the time
For me to leave you
You will always be my heaven
My secret place
My stare in the midst of life
My flare and longing
My past is no longer alive
I have listened and seen
And now, finally, understood
I know your pain
And I emerge again
Not from it
Not for you…this time
For me
Allow me
To leave
I cried this afternoon
Wearing a new perfume
Go on
Well on your way
Fly away
And when you see a glimpse of me
When you think you smelled me
Once more
Look away
Close your eyes and smile
And keep going
Like you taught me
Do not cry my darling
do not stop

and keep writing…


Zee said...


Epitaph said...

the power is in you...and you are the one who is leaving...I admire your strength..your courage,,you are in control..that what I felt! and it is no new for a capricorn,,))or let us say no new from a girl like you))

Muhammad EL-Ashry said...


يُرعش القلب


hashem said...

nice picture, and tender poem.
did you really have to leave?

_z. said...

oh no.

Mirvat said...

zee, yeah it has to be this way sometimes..

epitaph, welcome to the site. i'm a sagittarius actually but i think we all have the inner strength to do what seems to be very tough if we're really convinced.

moh, welcome and thank you

abul hish, thanks and yes i will.

_z, it's all good :)

Ghassan said...


Mirvat said...

nshalla btdallak tidda77ak ya 7elo