Sunday, June 11, 2006

I hope it stops..
sitting here again
a week ahead and another to follow
only here do they tell you not to bring weapons to the shore, only the shore
only here do you hear the news and not care, you leave the burden to them
only here do you sit and wait and you want to savor the city and you crave every moment in the sun not knowing why or how
only here and now i leave the sadness behind to embrace it another time
i think of laila's boxes and 4 white walls awaiting me
and i squeeze the child in me
and i am afraid once more
another start, another place
and i look at your direction
here we go again
you're sound asleep again
and i can't remember how i loved you
i can't remember how i loved this place
and what haunted me all these years
is now gone..
i saw it coming
once again...


laila said...

welcome back
i totally understand babe, i was just talking to gus about it today, you miss it and yet you go there and you cant find what you've been missing
enjoy the sun and your loved ones and capture as much as you can

Mar said...

feels likes when you leave the first time, you don't seem to belong there anymore.It hurts me.
Welcome back.Have fun.

hashem said...

welcome back ya Mirvat....missed you. And hey...that's normal....I felt the same.

_Soulless_ said...

May strength guide your will wherever and whenever apprehensions confront you. ^_^ May you be blessed.

It has been a worthwhile visit here, dwelling on your poetry (I especially liked "A crescendo of aggression").

Cheers. ^_^

Zee said...

This is a post with complexity, hard to give a straight answer to that one.
But the mood lingers in my thoughts - beauty and pain...
... irrelevance and urgency combined.
You must feel sorefull and relieved at the same time, soaking in beauty and sun rays while overcoming sorrow that belongs to the past. A pivotal journey indeed!

Mirvat said...

you guys i'm not back back
i'm still in lebanon till monday
but i'll be back on the blogging scene soon

Mirvat said...

laila mabrouk elna'leh hayate
i hope all is good

DA said...

I need that feeling too!

Ghassan said...

it'll come back to you. don't worry.
look at the waves by the sea shore.

Zee said...

before you settle in again
I will whisper into your ear
the nuisance you always blocked out
and still wished to hear.

Hey, welcome back good lady!
And be not sad Mirvat -
the city is still cool
though the temperatures get hot
and you would definitely be a fool,
to walk a lot.
so pick your time and your space
forget about that race
you planed
it's no go
just enjoy that you are here
not running but enjoying a beer
(even though you hate beer)
but that's not the point, 'cause I tried to make it rhyme
sometimes at least.
so for the feast
we should definitely
have desert - afterwards
and forget about all the other cowards.

Zee said...

shit, shit - shit ... I am deluged and intoxicated - sorry if my previous comment was weird. Well yes it was, but it still had the grander of some kind of meaning, especially if you read in-between the lines.
Be well Mirvat, that's all I wanted to say.

Ghassan said...

grandeur. Grrrrr.