Friday, February 29, 2008

Confession #2

I hate most people


nightS said...

me too!! what's to like about them anyways?

gitanes legeres said...

yalla come back to new york.. i'll visit every week. promis..

Lirun said...

i dont

_z. said...

do most ppl like you?

Anonymous said...

Yes Mirvat...I understand.

One thing for may hate most people...but you don't hate me__:-))


laila said...


guess what im listening to now!!
"shalik rafraf bil7ara 3annasmee shal .."(3annas michel hahahaha)

miss you :)

Mirvat said...

Tarak we7de sirsara e3di bilshmal.. hehe.. you hated this song!
miss you too, yalla ta3i.

Zee said...

Don't love and hate origin from the same source, the same corner of our souls?
At least you don't feel dull ignorance ... like most of the sheep.

AM said...

hate? ley?
how come you're not indifferent?

which one is worst anyway? lol

Anonymous said...

hehehe, this one made me laugh unlike the last few years..

remember what i used to call you "sanfour karhan"... you are really special :)