Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm genetically depressed!

So apparently there is this finding now that happiness could be inherited. With that too, i got screwed!! So i always thought that people with 'happier' more active more positive parents, tend to inherit the lifestyle and the approach and end up being more trained to go to the sunny side but it appears that there is a 'happiness gene' that is passed down along with the environmental influence. For the less 'sunny' of us, this sucks!!

"Some people born with 'happiness gene'

"It is often said some people by nature have a sunny disposition. Now scientists could have discovered why. Psychologists, who used data from 900 pairs of twins, identified evidence for common genes which result in certain personality traits that predispose individuals to happiness whatever their circumstances. The findings suggest those lucky enough to have the right inherited personality mix have a "reserve" of happiness which can be called upon in stressful times."


Zee said...

Change your diet and your scenery (scenario) that'll transform your chemistry and your brain will say: I'm happy!
(easier said than done...)

Dopamine or yours said...

Either that or life just sucks and there is a lot to be depressed about. Diet, schmiet.

Anonymous said...

The Winter season can also bring on depression as not enough sunlight going into the retinas of the eyes lessens the amount of seritonin made which depresses mood.


Michael Cammer said...

Biology is destiny.

Those conditions that may be altered easily by medication are most likely inherited too.

Mirvat said...

so great to see you Michael!! i miss you! so how are you? does einstein suck without all the lebanese? when are you going to come visit us here?