Friday, February 15, 2008

Taking the long way home ..


Lirun said...

would love to visit one day..

i would bring some baklawa made by my grandma..

Zee said...

Sometimes it pays of to take the long way home!
Thanks for storing the pics in a higher resolution. Locked at all of them. Lebanon in a way reminds me of Switzerland - small country, hills and mountains and water. But as Switzerland has only lakes and rivers, Lebanon can pride itself to be situated at the coastline of open waters. Sure, you can navigate down the Rhine river from Basel (my home town) to Rotterdam in Holland. But that is not the same thing as having salty air tingling in your nostrils.
Looking over your pictures, I was impressed by the stonemasons skill. But my favorite picture was the one with the unreal pink clouds depicted in the sky over a slate of houses on the slope of a hill.
My dream will probably never come true, but I share it anyway. I wish to arrive with a smaller seaworthy sailboat at the coast of Lebanon, anchor, and then explore.

_z. said...

it is a beautiful country indeed. I always took the long way home whenever I wanted to think about something, or just be on my own before I headed back home. Accompanied by good music, it always put me in a better mood.

does that work for you too?

Mirvat said...

lirun, i'll hold you to the promise.

zee, your dream should come true and hey, you already have so many friends here.. so this is done. now get a boat :)

_z yeah i do that. i'm blessed with wonderful scenery as i drive back home from work. i take the old road of Byblos and keep my windows open to let the smell of the sea wash away my day.. i peak to the small houses by the sea, the fishermen, the sunset.. and i play nostalgie :) it's the best time of my day

Michael Cammer said...

This is an awesome collection of photos.

Mirvat said...

it's a beautiful country. you should come and see for yourself :)