Thursday, February 21, 2008

Confession #1

I'm afraid of ghosts. I sleep with the lights on and the TV on. Oh and i'm 30 and fairly balanced and i don't believe in an after life but i'm afraid of ghosts!


_z. said...


have you ever seen anything that you thought might be a ghost? I don't think I have... but my kitchen lights keep turning on minutes after I turned them off.. is that... I don't know. I swear they do.
I turn them off, and minutes later, they go back on!

I do believe in an after life. It is too bad and such a waste of time if there wasn't...why the bother then, and why all the hassle...

Ghassan said...

may bass! (hahaha)

Lirun said...

im not afraid.. i used to think my apartment had another presence.. but i felt quite safe.. couldnt imagine why one would harm me..

Anonymous said...


Afraid of ghosts but you do not believe in the ;-)

Have you ever read the Harry Potter books, Mirvat? Read those and you won't be afraid of ghosts anymore.



Mirvat said...

_z really, la7alo? i used to live in this place that was haunted for sure. like for sure. you don't actually see it but it's a presence that other people felt it even when i didn't tell them. never saw anything with my own eyes but i'm terrified to!

may bass, hehe.. ironically this is a real life chant now, if you know what i mean!

lirun, i could .. hehe.. just kidding

hey rhiannon, no i haven't