Saturday, December 16, 2006

A postcard...

Postcard reading " Dear America, This is an illustration of something that happened to two Palestinian friends of mine as we were all trying to cross through the Tayaseer checkpoint in the Jenin region of the West bank. Soldiers detained them for over an hour, threatened to beat them, and accused them of being Hizballah terrorists. One of the soldiers told them they were "disgusting Arabs who should be beaten like animals and stay in jail". Postcard by Katie Miranda.

Not to spread the hate dear 'evil twin' but not to live in denial either.
What mother raises her children to call other human beings animals? What Arabic or Israeli or American or any mother raises her children to dehumanize others?
Didn't promise we were the love generation? Which generation exactly will come to a world free of hate and racism? What will it take not to raise our children on this and not to propagate the segregation and the supremacy?


Anonymous said...

Back at ya
and it is not some propoganda postcard.
By the way, didn't you kick out you evil twin?

Anonymous said...

you evil twin => "your evil twin"

Mirvat said...

back at ya? how is one related to the other?
my evil twin and i are friends still of course. we had a severe conflict of style with the comment section but that's all.

Andrey said...

What mother raises her children to call other human beings animals? What Arabic or Israeli or American or any mother raises her children to dehumanize others?

my link was an example of how people in arab country are treating those who are different.
you shouldn't put words in the mouth of israely soldiers. the mere existance of checkpoints is enough. there is a good movie - here -. it was filmed for 2 years on hundreds of checkpoints in west bank, just the daily reality, nothing more.

Rhiannon said...

A nosey bunch you are.

Why don't you leave the ills that go on in Egypt to the people who live there?

Why don't you leave the ills that go on in Iraq to the people who live there?

Ditto for Iran, Afghanistan, and so on.

'israel' has quite enough grotesque ills going on that, andry, I think that should keep you and the rest of the israelis quite busy and occupied for quite some time.

And it's high time you and the people of 'israel' attended to those ills, andry, high time. The ongoing racism and lack of democracy in 'israel' needs some major fixing - not to mention how 'israel' keeps fatally intruding on the lives of its neighbours - a most hatefully meddlesome state, I must say.

Once you have all the sickness in your country taken care of, your country will be Israel - not "israel".

And then the people of Israel won't hurt anymore. They can finally be proud and live their lives respectfully.

I'll put it another way, so that you can understand:

Why should you care that this woman in Egypt falls to the ground and kisses it after proclaiming about a people [in the very country that she and they live in] who don't deserve rights because they don't believe in God?

What's it to you? How does that affect 'israel'? Why should this bother YOU so much? Like you really give a damn.

Mirvat said...

andrey the movie is absolutely horrible. i don't put words in anybody's mouth, those are witnesses reporting what's happening and your movie is an example of how people are in fact being treated like animals. it's a live proof of the racist mentality of a country that would very well encourage those soldies of saying that.

first of all i agree with rhiannnone about this being a seperate issue. i am talking about one specific thing. we all know a lot of arabic countries have problems that i criticize as well. i still find it interesting that you said right back at ya like stating one problem would take the other one away.

very interesting that you say people in the arab countries are treating those who are different.
many countries act this way towards minorities and i'm not saying this is justified esp. when it's based on religious beliefs or any sort of seperation for that matter. in the case of the palestinians, they're not people who are different. they're just people who live there and own that land on which they are being persecuted by an occupying force.

Lirun said...


lebanese criticising israelis for interaction with palestinians but calling us meddlesome..

the hypocracy lives on..

in any event - it's so much more complicated than you could possibly realise.. you are clearly as removed geographically as you are removed factually..

but i dont think you want to know what is really going on.. i dont think you genuinely care.. you just want to rant and rave..

i know my comments are not welcome here.. the only thing you want to hear is your own voice.. too bad..

you should try karaoke

Rhiannon said...

Other than your own blog, your comments aren't welcome anywhere. You conceitedly think you are welcome - I can't help it if you can't read the minds of people, for if you could, then you would learn of the derisive and disdainful reactions brought on by your egomaniacal remarks. Just because most people don't respond to you, please, pretty please, do not arrogantly assume you are making headway or your comments are being accepted- quite the opposite.

Complicated more than I realize? Tell me.... who created these complications? Seeing that there are all these
COMPLICATIONS ......kind of like diabetes. Once one acquires diabetes, one's life is never the same and the glorious conveniences one had concerning health and normal living are gone forever.

I consider 'israel' like an extremely severe case of diabetes brought onto the Palestinians, (and Lebanese, Iraqis, etc.) israeli Checkpoints clog and gut there daily existence, no circulation, no access to hospitals or other facilities. A big fat wall of hate to choke and strangle the Palestinians further. The result? Gangrene, heart disease, a foundation for a host of other serious diseases. In case of the Arab's situation, their children are suffering and dying.

No education, homes destroyed, children suffering a plethora of illnesses - mental and physical....

All brought on by the complications of this awful disease "israel".

I am removed geographically, but not factually. And so I will ask again:

What does it matter to you israelis that Arabs have their problems within their own country with their own people? Why are you intruding? These people are not harming you - unlike the untold amounts of grief and misery that you/your country reaps upon them.

You remind me of the James Spader character in LESS THAN ZERO. I would say - that in a nutshell is 'israel'.

And so I'll say it again: Leave the Arabs alone and let them settle their own trivial differences.

Housecleaning for 'israel'- RULES FOR OBTAINING RESPECT AND DEMOCRACY IN ISRAEL: Give back to Palestine what belongs to Her - and She really isn't asking for much considering what you took from Her in the first place. Let Her people control their borders, economy, and government. Let them live and be free. What freedoms they ruin for themselves let them ruin - it's their business, not yours.

Rhiannon said...

andry are you trying to say that in this movie the israeli 'soldiers' are suffering just like the Palestinians?

What I saw, was a bunch of conceited soldiers with smirks on their faces, chomping on gum and food - not different from the faces of the israeli 'soldiers' I saw on CNN who were trampling their boots on the land of Lebanon - chomping on gum, food, smirks on their faces, like something was amusing to them.

In this film you link, they were trying awfully, awfully hard to be charasmatic and lovable and I say giving us a heap of shit in a bowl and calling it chocolate icecream aint gonna fly.

Shuffling through the Palestinian ID cards and naming off celebrity names instead - - - WHAT? Was that supposed to be funny? Does this guy think he's clever??

I was sickened by the reaction of the israeli 'soldier' who questioned the Pastor "well what do you think this is like for me?"

This was his reaction to the Pastor who asked the soldier "what do you think this is like for them?"

Oh please. "israel's' IOF receives a bountiful host of perks for serving in the army, you're not fooling anyone here. That is why they are there. They wouldn't be there otherwise. How sickening this bullying of men, women and children everyday in their own country by an invading force that has no grounds.

Anyway, what was obvious to me was the veneer was that thin. The contempt and hatred they had for the Palestinians was showing, as much as they tried to hide it. And some didn't even bother to hide it.

If this occupation is such a "hassle" for the 'soldiers" then they can quit.

Anonymous said...

your system of excuses is discusting.
anyway, i think that talking to you is a waste of time, so, have a nice life.

Anonymous said...

yes, and happy khanuka.

snurdly said...


If everyone besides the aweful Israelis are so great to the Palestinians, then why are there refugee camps inside Lebanon? Got startling news for ya...King Hussein killed more Palestinians in 1970 than Israel killed since 1948. The Lebanese Phalange killed more Palestinians in 1982 than over 30 years of Israel's history (no, Ariel Sharon didn't single-handedly kill 2,000 in Sabra and Shatilla as widely claimed going from tent to tent...but that's the Muslim version of the story).

Checkpoints are so stressful, eh? Would be for me too knowing there are nutcase grand-mothers blowing themselves up leaving 30 grand-children behind. Merry Christmas...

Anonymous said...

Is this blog rhiannon's all of a sudden?

Rhiannon said...

My system of excuses? I WILL ASK AGAIN since you cowards can't even answer a simple question, but instead THROW ALL OVER THE PLACE YOUR SYSTEM OF EXCUSES (the "chocolate ice cream" you so badly want us to devour) - Yeah, and who BETTER than a bunch of little cowards as yourselves with a slew of SYSTEMATIC EXCUSES at your robotic fingers to throw at people when you can't answer a simple question!

What is it to you? Why do you care? Why should it matter to you or anyone else in your "country" what goes in Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan or Syria, or anywhere else?

I will answer for you since you are too sniveling scared to dare venture a guess:

Like a horrid bunch of gossips of the most dangerous persuasion – like your bloodless brothers in the U.S. , Canada, and Great Britain, who all own a generous slice of the media, you use any kind of situation to humiliate Arabs, and make them look worse than they actually are – only – to serve your desires to keep murdering them and and steal more land away from them. In fact most Arabs, and Muslims are quite decent and harmonious, but YOU don’t dare tell the North Americans or Brits THAT – oh no, heavens no, that would spoil your sick little plans for domination of the Middle East.

You guys gotta git dem Chr-eeee-stians on your side because you need their full support and their ever-flowing dollars so you can buy more machinery to kill more Arab children. Why should the other countries care when you got them believing that "these children sleep with guns and are notorious murderers themselves" - More of your stinking “chocolate ice cream” to shove down the throats of clueless and gullible people.

But you know the answers to mine and Mirvat's questions, you knew all along, but like snudzly, you just keep on dishing out more shit - excuse me, more putrid chocolate ice cream.

One day your chr-eee-stian zionists will choke on it.

Rhiannon said...

As for King Hussein, and pointing out how rotten he was, snoodz ole boy, are you trying to get me to believe that ariel Sharon was human? Did Hussein kill any Israelis? Did he murder, rape, and torture Israeli mothers and children – and for 60 years long? Did Hussein bury their butchered and blackened Zionist bodies into endless mass graves? Did he try so many methods of covering the bodies so that other authorities couldn’t do a decent body count of the massacres? Did Hussein at any time in History invade the territory of Israel?

Smells like pig Sharon spirit to me.

And what a whiff "IT" was, this ariel Sharon, this monster criminal that the dumbed down American public knows nothing of.

To even look at this monster’s face, to look in those dead, cold eyes, "ITS" total expression, one can already see the truth about what this “man” was all about – "ITS" history.

Still in a coma, huh, snudz? Not you, him - well okay - you too.

Sharon made many, many great bedfellows, not just with the women and children that he raped, but with the Christain Phalangists. They loved each other and committed many ghastly deeds together, such as Sabra and Shatilla.

My what orgiastic fun that was for Sharon, his under generals, and Gemayel.. The painstaking time they took to create this blood-filled – I mean “fun” filled plan - to murder and rape as many men, women, and children as they could.

Sabra and Shatila was the mastermind creation of ‘israel’/ariel Sharon.

Sharon is still in a coma, huh, snodly? Here’s my take on things:

Betcha anything, his dark, dark, dark, soul can’t wait to reveal all his “glories” to him. I can see the spirits of those dead children and their mothers just waiting…… let him experience – through their eyes and their bodies - every rape, murder, and torture he created and committed against them.

And Snudz?

That’s just Sabra and Shatilla.......

Mirvat said...

king hussein was a CIA agent. this is well known

Rhiannon said...

Two considerations predominated in Jordanian foreign policy under Hussein. The first was the attempt to deter enemies, whether in the form of neighbouring states, or non-state actors such as the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). The second was the search for money to remedy Jordan's chronic budget deficit. In both respects, the alliance with the United States was crucial to Hussein. But did this mean that the King was in effect no more than a lackey of the United States, a convenient Arab agent to whom the waging of the Cold War in the Middle East might be partly sub-contracted? Evidence in support of this thesis might seem to be provided both by the regular payments made to Hussein by the CIA across the years from 1957 onwards, and by his covert contacts with the US's other key regional ally, Israel, from 1963 onwards.

Rhiannon said...

The following stalemate in Lebanon is neither acceptable to Israel nor to the United States, which is itself browbeaten in Iraq and Afghanistan through its failed policies.

In order to stick another wedge between the communities in Lebanon, another assassination was carried out by Israel's Mossad and the CIA. By their killing of a Christian leader and MP and pointing their fingers at Syria they have created further instability.