Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy 2006!

My baby hates the sound of my nails clicking on the keyboard. He loves the sound of the key when I come home
He knows landmarks in my memory that unlock a world of dreams and happiness and nostalgia. He knows when to evoke them.
He knows my weaknesses as much as he does my strengths. He loves both.
He makes fun of me when I get angry but helpless. He makes me angry and he makes me helpless.
He interrupts my conversation onthe phone to tell me if I put the phone in my mouth, his voice will resonate in my head. He's right. It does
He thinks homing is a word. He says it indicates a state of existence softer than roaming. I think subjacent is a word.
He invented a new board game. I can’t tell you what it is. He actually wants to patent it.
He loves to cook. He promised he will leave the cooking to me.
He thinks he shouldn’t have to go to work. I agree with him.
He thinks smoking is not cool anymore and wants me to quit. He bought me a hookah.
He says I almost have two opposite sides to my personality. He hasn’t seen the other sides yet.
He says I have a horrible singing voice. I sing all the time when he’s around.
He thinks yellow should only be worn on Halloween, horizontal stripes never work and vertical stripes are dangerous. He has an eye for fashion but he wears sweats.
He told me my nose ring is hideous. He then said worse is the mark left behind.
He doesn’t want to have babies, ever. He thinks he’s a baby himself.
He thinks I can’t commit because I’m a free spirit. He thinks we match because he’s a free spirit too. I think it’s his way of telling me he wants an open relationship.
His best memory of me is dancing on the crocodile table. That was ten years ago.
He says his happiness is what matters the most. He says i'm his happiness.
He says we’re still 28 not 29. 2006 did not count because we were apart. We’re celebrating the new 2006 year this year.


snurdly said...

Youre engaged and he wants an open relationship? And no kids? They say Liberals will disappear because they don't reproduce like conservatives. Think about it...all Snurdlys in the world and no Mirvats. *s* Happy New Year habibi!

Mirvat said...

he jokes around alot.. at least i hope he's not serious about this stuff :s

happy new year to you too :)

Dareen said...

Time spent apart does not count..Hmmm...I like that :) Happy New Year.

_z. said...

he cares for you...

Happy New Year Mirvat.


Anonymous said...

oh my god. subjacent IS a word. I just check it. it's a technical word, as much as 'quantitate' is a word (I guess every one has one of those :)
here's the def:
subjacent |səbˈjāsənt| adjective technical situated below something else. DERIVATIVES subjacency noun ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from Latin subjacent- ‘lying underneath,’ from sub- ‘under’ + jacere ‘to lie.’

Mirvat said...

happy new year dareen and zouzou
and dareen, happy to see you here and i love your blog! i will be visiting often.

OH MY GOD!!!! i knew it! why would i make up a word?
i will take a lot of pleasure in rubbing this in you know who's face..

now where are you? call me tonight

Dareen said...

Thanks Mirvat. Glad you like it. Look forward to your comments ;)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the last few hours of 2006 and wish you a great 2007!

ghada k.

AM said...

Ah finally a non-political/non-Pali/Leb/Israeli blog ;)

I loved the mix of 'He does' and 'He likes' although a couple seemed slightly calling for cautioness to me, but you know better I'm sure :)

Wishing you a great 2007 with all that your heart desires becoming true :)

Maya@NYC said...

beautiful love "poem"...
happy new year/life

Anonymous said...

happy new year mirvat...

Anonymous said...

A happy and compassionate new year Mirvat!

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

ooh la la,
le romance, c'est tres tres..
je ne sais quoi,,
o.k., i don't know how to speak french.

wow, such romantic passion after many long years...

you made me want to go and dig up my wife and my old love letters, and old pictures, when were still "courting," separated by the ocean..

such beauty has the love of youth..

hashem said...

happy new year bannot.

transient said...

sounds like you're riding whirlwind of the happytrappings into '07.

happy new year and such

Mirvat said...

happy new year all

Lirun said...

ahlan ya ochti

Anonymous said...

reading about him makes him seem like the right person for you, and I like that :)

[ j i m m y ] said...

happy new year mirvat!

FZ said...

best wishes for the year to come! :) fz

Mirvat said...

thanks jimmy, thanks marmoura (i sent you the phone number)
thanks fz :) same to you