Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy holidays

All of you going home have a great time..
Layoul, Maya, Hashem, Annie, Zouzou ..
I am sooooo jealous

I love christmas.
It reminds me of lights and songs in Hamra street and Dbayyeh when we were kids.
It reminds me of the holiday we spent in LA.
Of warming up next to the dead fireplace in Faraya with guys in the background screaming that they're out of anti-freeze.
It also brings back a sweet sadness of a time up in the snow ...
The big window, a basket full of red velvet, pate and wine ...
The intimacy of loneliness and the constant taste of sadness
Menthol cigarettes, blue carpets and green masks
And a room where we all came together
in silent prayer ...
oh yeah.. and Moulin Rouge

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and another tag

Tagged by zee,
I don't know what this tag is about but here goes,

"She liked to go shopping at night, she claimed that the groceries were tired and so made no resistance to being bought. She opened the door and Gould said hi, without taking his eyes off the television. Shatzy looked at him, don't expect much, but it would be an improvement if you at least turn it on." City, Alessandro Baricco.


Anonymous said...

I'll paste it at my blog tomorrow

Mirvat said...

ok zee but i still don't see the point of this tag :)

Anonymous said...

there is actually no point in any on-line tag - maybe it's a break from my brain being on overload

Mirvat said...

you can argue the first one was about blogging itself and better understanding fellow bloggers through their answers but this one i don't know..

Anonymous said...

Let's make up an "understanding your neighbor blogger tag"

1. Do you wash your face in the morning with soap, or do you just use plain water?

2. How often per week do change socks?

3. How many books did you read only half way through?

4. What do you prefer - pasta or rice dishes?

5. Do you drink alcohol monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or minutely?

6. When was the last time you went to an art gallery, and what did you look at?

7. What is your favorite destination if you could hop into a plane tomorrow?

8. Did you ever "brush" your teeth with your finger?

9. As for a pet, is it going to be a cat, dog or a goldfish?

10. What is your preferred way to get from A to B. Walk, bicycle, car, boat, train, airplane?

11. Did you alter anything on your body, piercing, tattoo, colored hair etc...?

12. Finally, do you believe in supernatural powers?


... and so on. Please don't burden yourself with either finding more questions, nor answering them!

Mirvat said...

i love it :)

_z. said...

zee, i bought a game recently... similar questions and similar twists.. it's fun! it is called "what the fuck"

mirvat! your post made me sad! you know trust me, I wish you were here with your family, but things are very depressing there. I think you are better off there.

I ... I am not too relaxed here. I am always angry and upset, and the ambiance is very stressed and depressing.. so I am not sure you would like it here and now.
Maybe later.

I am still to reply to your beautiful email. tawwle belik 3layye shwayy

Mirvat said...

zouzou i hope it gets better soon.. and hope you start having some fun. yalla get off the internet and go dancing :)

have a great holiday and this is a big hug from me.

_z. said...


Anonymous said...

That's a cool name!
Merry Christmas.
To you as well Mirvat ... of course!
And if it ain't Christmas, celebrate something else ...