Tuesday, December 19, 2006


By Deb Reich (a writer and translator in Israel/Palestine)

Dear Santa,

I live in Israel/Palestine and I think I am probably addicted to the big bad conflict we have here. We all seem to be addicted to the conflict we have here. We are so used to it, sometimes I wonder if, given half a chance, we could really learn to live without it. Meanwhile, the academics study it. The politicians cook it and bake it and spin it. The pollsters monitor it. Nonprofit organizations and NGOs mop up the messes, frequently lethal, that it makes. Dissident poets bemoan it, and the journalists (with the exception of a courageous handful, who tell the truth) pretend to report on it. The prisoners find their education, for better or worse, in its shadow, while the wardens find some kinky pleasure there, or anyhow their paycheck.

Dear Spirit of Love,

Or whatever your name is - get us into rehab, quick! We need help! We are massacring the neighbors - we are killing each other here. People are besieged, shot, bombed, terrorized, and I swear, some folks justify this. They justify it. How sick is that?! We need help! Most of us want to stop the killing but we don’t know how. Help!

Dear Abby,

I am a Jewish freethinker in Israel. (Sometimes I write “in Israel/Palestine” because it seems to make more sense, but we won’t go into that now.) I have a question. If Jewish renewal in Palestine after a thousand generations is visionary and noble, why is the idea of repatriating the displaced Palestinians after a mere fifty or sixty years seen as delusional? I don’t get it.

Dear Allah,

I have an acquaintance, a Muslim, whose brother is a political prisoner. He’s been in prison in Israel more than twenty years – nearly half his life. He went into a cell at age 25, waving his banned manifestos; that was in 1986. Soon, he’ll have a Ph.D. and I think he’s starting to lose his hair. He writes eloquent essays in prison and works on his research. I’d like to play him Libby Roderick’s anthem of the oppressed, “How Could Anyone,” beginning: How could anyone ever tell you / you were anything less than beautiful? Tell me what else I can do for him. How will this balance ever be restored? How will this debt ever be paid? His name is Walid Daka. He belonged to a banned organization, and maybe he helped to plan violent acts of resistance; I don’t know. But I think his real crime was being born Palestinian, because all the rest followed from that.

Dear Jesus,

Come back! We need you! But don’t come back as a woman, they won’t listen. Don’t try to come back as an ordinary Muslim traveler on an airplane, God forbid – they’ll arrest you at the airport. Don’t come back as a foreign (guest) worker: they’ll take your passport and lock you up. Don’t come back as a cabinet minister because, inside of a week, you’ll start to care more about keeping your car and driver than about comforting the poor and afflicted. Better to stick with the donkey, like last time – but don’t try to cross a checkpoint with it; they’ll think it has a bomb in its belly and they’ll blow it up, poor critter. I read the other day that there are over 500 checkpoints on the West Bank now; hard to believe. That’s a lot of checkpoints. So maybe come on foot. Or get Scotty to beam you over here. But come quick! We’re sinking. And whatever you do, don’t go to Bethlehem this time. It’s under siege and crumbling, but the people are incredibly resilient. They’ll break your mortal heart.

Taken from this site.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

... that's so sentimental Mirvat, but I sort of like it.

Anonymous said...

,,, shit, same thing happened here again - three posts of the same old story, sorry!

Anonymous said...

I liked the dear Jesus one..good write and funny..Now if someone put these wishes in envelopes and send them out.. :)

Rhiannon said...

I checked out Karin's site, and it looks very interesting - Oh No! not another one, you have no idea how many good sites I'm hooked up with - I'm stretching myself thin and there are not enough hours in the day.

I just purchased a 4 gb USB. Lots of storage but hardly any time.

Karin looks and sounds very familiar. It seems that I have seen her before - probably on a Palestinian website from August/September.

Mirvat said...

karin always comments on LBF. that's when i first found her site.
Rhiannon i have to command you for the time you invest in blogs and in keeping up and for your patience to put all this in writing and to be relentless in defending your views.
i was like that for a while during the war but i got tired so fast. i have to say you and mone keep me interested on a daily basis.

Rhiannon said...

Mirvat... :-)

Here's something interesting to read that I just found - makes for a great Christmas card to put in the "christian" zionist stalking :

By Johnny Barber

Jesus is a terrorist,
there ain't no one can doubt it.
Born in Bethlehem,
what more need I say about it?
Thirty foot concrete barriers,
soldiers armed with guns,
being born in Bethlehem
just ain't much fun.

Jesus stands on the corner, throwin' stones at tanks.
Israeli soldiers don't hold back, they ain't shootin' blanks.

Jesus stands defiant, a David 'gainst Goliath.
Jesus is a terrorist,
he ain't allowed to pass.
Being born in Bethlehem,
life is over fast.

Jesus is a carpenter,
but he's not
allowed to work.
He passes time carving
for those Christian
tourist folk.
They come and kiss the
ground where Jesus once lay swaddled.
They bargain him down,
then they just turn on back around.
They close their eyes
to the soldiers,
they close their eyes
to the wall.
Jesus, born in Bethlehem,
don't stand any chance at all.

Jesus rode a donkey once,
straight on through
to Jerusalem.
Today, Jesus ain't got
a prayer,
he's not allowed to pass.
Jesus can't stoop low enough
to kiss the soldier's ass.

The tourists come back home,
blind as before.
They go to church,
and they sing their songs,
and look up on the wall.
Jesus still is hangin' there, saving them from the fall.
But just like Judas, they turn their backs,
no one heeds his call.

Cause Jesus is a terrorist,
but don't you worry none.
It's just a name they
give you when you're Palestinian.
A savior born in Bethlehem-
it's quite a story,
but just not right cause
Jesus is a terrorist,
don't you worry 'bout his plight.

Today, the people of Bethlehem
are imprisoned
behind a thirty-foot
high concrete wall,
unable to move.
The Christian community
cannot travel to Jerusalem
to pray at the church
of the Holy Sepulchre-
a short, twenty-minute drive
from Bethlehem.

The Israeli military
occupation, nearing its
40th year, has strangled
the economy as well as
the people living in the
Holy Land, and there is
no end in sight.

The people are constantly
at risk, not even their homes
are safe, no sanctuary
available- anywhere.
The checkpoints and the
military incursions are
constant reminders that the
life of a Palestinian
in Bethlehem is cheap.

And the Christian community,
as well as the world,
looks on in silence.

At this time of year,
as we remember and celebrate
the birth of Jesus,
may all Christians,
and all people of faith,
raise their voices
and demand justice
for the good people
of Bethlehem and Palestine.

The occupation must end.

Rhiannon said...

Did I say "stalking" instead of stocking?? Wow, no pun intended, but who am I to ruin a good jab at the DELUDED? Heh heh heh.

Mirvat said...

l'absus :)

snurdly said...

Jesus is now a Palestinian! In the Gospels he was a Jew. Hitler said he became an Aryan after his resurection. I guess things change these days...

Mirvat said...

have you heard of a palestinian jew before?
is it news to you snurd that a race and a nationality and a religion are seperate things? do you know that arabs and jews are semites?

snurdly said...


Jesus lived before the Romans named the region "Palestina"

Rhiannon said...

We were given the Holy Land by G-d in order to be able to study and practice the Torah without disturbance and to attain levels of holiness difficult to attain outside of the Holy Land. We abused the privilege and we were expelled. That is exactly what all Jews say in their prayers on every Jewish festival, "Umipnay chatoenu golinu mayartsaynu" - "Because of our sins we were expelled from our land".

We have been forsworn by G-d "not to enter the Holy Land as a body before the predestined time", "not to rebel against the nations", to be loyal citizens, not to do anything against the will of any nation or its honour, not to seek vengeance, discord, restitution or compensation; "not to leave exile ahead of time." On the contrary; we have to be humble and accept the yoke of exile. To violate the oaths would result in "your flesh will be made prey as the deer and the antelope in the forest," and the redemption will be delayed.

Rabbi Gedalya Liebermann

Anonymous said...

That thing called God is called God Rhiannon, no doubt about it.
Cheers, 02:32 AM

Anonymous said...

lol...Hail the Goddess Rhiannon :) shower us with your mercy and lead us the way..Hail

Anonymous said...

:| wow @ both mirvat's post and rhiannon's comments.

rhiannon: why on earth don't you have a blog?!

Anonymous said...

oh and if you don't mind im going to copy your info to my blog.
it's too good not to be on a post :)

Anonymous said...

yes very informative, lots of info I had no clue about..

Mirvat said...

palo girl please do
i repeat yours and everyone's wish that rhiannon should have a blog. i would love to have access to all her information and resources

snurdly said...

Rhiannon doesn't need a blog...Ahmadinajad speaks for her. She's been brainwashed to believe there's a real "Holocaust" going on in Gaza, that the Jews added a couple of zeros to their casualty count in WWII, that Palestinians in Lebanon aren't in detention centers (that's OK if it's in Lebanese territory...no Jews there), that murder is only newsworthy when the dead is an Arab and the killer a Jew, that Arab-on-Arab sectarian violence is a Zionist product, that without Israel there would be no terrorism, even in Chechnya. that 9/11 was because of Israel even though none of the hijackers were Palestinian, that all the Jews called in sick on 9/11, that suicide bombers are poor even though most are middle-class and well-educated, that suicide bombers do it in despair even though most do it out of indoctrination, that suicide bombers are legit. because the enemy has tanks, that suicide bombers are OK because the enemy also has kids, that suicide bombers are OK because the enemies' kids grow up to be Zionist soldiers, that suicide bombers are OK because they are bound to kill someone in the military too, that Al-Jazeera tries to cover both sides, that not enough attention is put on Israel even though every friggin' international article in every friggin' newspaper is about Israel, that Jesus wasn't a Jew, that these so-called "Jews" aren't "real" Jews, that Palestine was always an independent sovereign nation until 1948, that partition of Palestine was an aweful idea in 1948 but it's an excellent idea today...

Lirun said...

we bite our tongues as qassams continue to hail during a ceasefire.. 7 today - one lady's car hit moments after she left it..

the army wants to protect us but the government is committed to restraint.. while what.. while when.. while who.. while hammas and co continue to lie to our faces..

they dont make it easy to want peace.. they really dont.. but i still do..

Lirun said...

ps bethlehem.. or in hebrew bet lehem - house of bread.. is that an invention..?

Mirvat said...

snurd you ...
palestinians only found refuge in lebanon. half my friends in lebanon are palestinians, so many families who now have the lebanese nationality. the few who didn't get the nationality, didn't want it in response to abu 3ammar's wish wanting to keep the cause alive. this is such a lousy thing of you to say!
they have been treated as lebanese and most have been give lebanese passports after they's been kicked out of their homes by zionists who didn't belong there in the first place and you're comparing the two?

snurdly said...

I wonder if there had not been 1967 war would the West Bank and Gaza been declared "Palestine" anyway? Somehow I doubt it. Palestinians can thank goodness for the '67 war giving them a national identity and a "cause"...as Egypt and Jordan sure as hell wouldn't have coughed up any land for them.

Mirvat said...

well you were talking about what lebanon did to the palestinians.
you are saying, after the jews came and took all the land from the palestinians, they should be thankful that they were left with gaza and west bank which didn't belong to them in the first place.. knowing gaza and the west bank are occupied but you might think it's not occupied because it shouldn't belong to the palestinians anyway no?
what a twisted logic but play along with me..
based on your logic i have a solution. give the palestinians back their palestine and move all the jews to gaza and west bank, after all you guys won it from egypt and jordan and they don't want it back.. bring back the refugees also from lebanon and then you won't have to blame lebanon for not giving all the palestinians a lebanese nationality.
that should work. anything short is unfair based on your logic.

you know what i don't feel like doing this over and over again..

snurdly said...

No, I'm saying that without the 1967 war, Palestinians would be largely devoid of a national connection. Palestinians didn't feel "occupied" by Egypt and Jordan and likely not have resorted to violence. As a matter of fact, prior to 1967, Palestinians didn't even claim it to be their land. But when Jews occupied it all of a sudden they were on Palestinian land. Like I said...it's about non-Muslims vs. Muslims.

Rhiannon said...


Ahmadinejad brought up profound issues of the Palestinian’s plight - an invention of ‘israel’s [besides its nuclear program, great weaponry arsenal, and chemical/biological mortar - - -]

Ahmadinejad requested strongly that the issues of Palestine be resolved. Since the Zionists of ‘israel’ and north America do not like this kind of talk, regardless of this strenuous truth, Ahmadinejad is just another trump card for you to play – just like Hezbollah and Hamas. He never really said “wipe Israel off the face of the map” he never said “push Israel into the sea”. The Zionist press put words into his mouth and most importantly have ran away with it, continuously, forever.

Your Zion press was successful as usual. Now "wiped off the map" - "pushed into the sea" - "israel has a right to exist" - "israel has a right to defend itself" ...... these are as popular as "coke is it".

I'm surprised your clan hasn't set up shop to sell t-shirts.

Now the Zion press is pushing for war against Iran....more blood of America's children for blood of Iran's children.....
* Just because Ahamadinejad brought up the Palestinians and their lives being squashed under Apartheid Israeli rule.
*Just because Ahmadinejad requested that the world community - most notabley the USA and Europe has an obligation to take down the zionist regime of Israel.......After all, we know that any criticism of ‘israel’ is something akin to slapping Snow White in the face. Good Heavens, mercy NO!

So now, Iran has played into your hands, and you are HAPPY. Why don't you be honest and admit it? Ahmadinejad has just given ‘israel’ and the usa another reason to attack Iran. You wanted this all along.

“I’ve had nothing good to say about war, not these or any other in recent history. However, my time of silence has come to an end as the result of talking with returning active duty personnel from every branch of the service. When you can see, through their eyes, what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, you realize that things are even crazier than you first anticipated. The suicide rate, along with the increase in PTSD and percussion brain trauma, is gradually climbing off the charts.

My wife, Kathryn, always tells me that in order to affect a lasting change for peace, we as a people, must begin to ‘think war unthinkable’. As a former Marine, even I am beginning to think this is absolutely true.”

Dannion Brinkley
October 2006


When I talk about the blood of America’s children for the blood of Middle Eastern children, I am not just talking about Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq, I am also talking about Israeli children. But that’s your country’s problem, because the IOF will not stop invading Palestine and Lebanon and murdering their children. Your proxy soldiers, Arab traitor friends, and Zionist agents in Iraq are doing the same.

Rhiannon said...

"Imagine 90% of the world’s heroine supply (cheaper than ever before) flowing straight into the arms of our children. Imagine the destabilization of Iran which could easily bring about the price of a barrel of oil climbing to $150 - $200 a barrel. Imagine the Israeli / Palestinian situation remaining unchecked while the damage takes its toll on the very backbone of our world’s oldest religions. All of these potentially disastrous situations could lead to the unraveling of the social fabric now securing the future of each one of us, our children and this great country. I hope all “this ain’t nothin’” but I sure got a feeling it is! Next month, join me again, and we will review it all and decide what to do next.

Dannion Brinkley
October 2006


I have been brainwashed snurd?

You see, that is your whole problem. You fail to see WHY I mention the holocaust, or anything else pertaining to Zionist dishonesty and indifference of the miserable ills it has created in the M.E.

How have I been brainwashed when I am surrounded by Zionist press?

Let me CLUE - YOU - IN - SNURD:

I was asleep, right up until July 17, 2006. In a coffee shop, one evening, a good friend of mine told me that ‘israel’ had a right to defend itself, while my heart was breaking, knowing more children would be murdered in Lebanon – a reality Palestine lives almost daily - I walked away and never looked back. We are not friends anymore. I had no idea how corrupt, spiritually empty, insidiously mean-spirited and hateful the government of ‘israel’, it’s great ally USA was towards Palestine. No idea! Your Zionist press did its duty and lulled me to sleep concerning ‘israel’ and Palestine ……for many years.

Then ‘israel’ most viciously and murderously invaded, Lebanon, and I woke up!

That’s not Hezbollah’s, Hamas, or Ahmadinejad’s fault. The blame goes squarly on the pointed shoulders of Olmert, Tzpvi Livni, Ayalon, miri eisen, Candy Rice, Halutz, goergie bush, harper, and blair.

You have them to thank for waking me from my slumber of Zionist brainwashings.

You should have left Lebanon alone. I would have still been asleep today.

Lirun said...

i dont think anyone is too troubled by your slumber or purported sobriety..

so mirvat and rhiannon.. any concerns about the native american land you occupy? or are you just glad it was all cleared for you in advance? :)

but all that typing must be burning you a whole heap of calories..

merry christmas.. kwaanza.. etc..

still wondering how to deal with a ceasfire that the palestinians just wont hold..

snurdly said...

That's right...when Israelis kill someone it's a "massacre"...when Hamas/Fatah kill people it's just necessary infighting. 3 have been killed in Gaza...another 16 more to go before the Arab press calls it a "massacre" like Beit Hanoun...oh, wait it's only Arab-on-Arab violence...go back to sleep.

Illusion said...

hey.. I read this post once a while, I thought lirun wasn't allowed to post here no more..

Mirvat said...

lirun it's not just me. the votes are in.. :)

Rhiannon said...

Well that is so typical of a response from the zionist files:

When we start criticizing Apartheid 'israel' and its glee for murdering Arabs, and hiding the truth from Americans - [that 'israel' does not really want peace with its neighbours, never did, never will], the zionists bring up the Native Indians - which, BTW, is not the same thing at all. Comparing Apartheid 'israel' to the conquering of America is most positively not the same thing at all.

But okay, let's discuss it. So then, riddle me this:

The Native Americans had suffered their slaughters. The African Americans suffered their slaughters. The Jews suffered their slaughters.....

How is it that the zionist "jews" have soared in such great wealth, yet the Native American Indians and African Americans - most of these people hover around the poverty line then and today?

When I mention America's children, I am assuredly including the African Americans and Native Indians.


Mirvat said...

forget this. what's his point anyway? to look at america's history full of slaughter and to identify with it or forgive ourselves? you don't need to go back to history to see the wrong this country is doing. iraq today is enough. how is that a reason to forgive israel?

Anonymous said...

You guys are still running around in circles ...
Iran is a theocracy - so is Israel and Palestine (no, Palestine is a utter mess).
Religions fight each other, there is no "reason" to it, other than the constant de-illumination.
Borders are not created by god, borders are a human invention.
There is no solution to this until a majority of this or that people are dead.
Perhaps after the massacre the concept of "human brotherhood" will be reconsidered.
Before then, no hope ...

snurdly said...

How is it that the zionist "jews" have soared in such great wealth, yet the Native American Indians and African Americans - most of these people hover around the poverty line then and today?

When I mention America's children, I am assuredly including the African Americans and Native Indians.


LOL! That question has been going on for at least 1500 years. Get over it...

Rhiannon said...

This whole mess really has nothing to do with ree - lig - un. That's just a zionist ploy.

The borders are mighty important to the Palestinians as they should be to the rest of the world. It's a key issue.


Oh yes. Iraq. Another bastard creation of the neocon elite:
the great wolfowitz, karrol,feith and perle.

Quite the sick bunch.
Thanks to their high command against Iraq, look what is happening:

The pattern of violence
against civilians in Iraq is not normal at all and
very troubling.
The doctors in Iraq
are being systematically

This has been going on since 2004.

This is not 'civil war'.

The situation is
that many doctors wanting
to save themselves
have left Iraq.
It is very difficult
for the suffering
citizens to get
medical care.

There may be enough
violence so that one can
call it a 'civil war'
if you want. but consider
the patterns of violence.

So many civilians
are killed.
So many killings
are senseless.
And why do they
systematically torture
people before
killing them?

Who are these monsters
that do this?

In a normal civil war
you have military
fighting military and
fighting for real goals
that amount to
political power.

In Iraq that is
not the case.
The fighting is
primarilly killing

Sure, in Anbar Province
the Iraqi government forces
have squared off
against militia,
but the large majority
of the killings are
civilians murdered.

They sustain it seems
over 100 ordinary citizens murdered every day.
There is no conventional
military goal to
these killings.
The university professors
are being targeted and
killed also. and many others
who are simple leaders
in business and ordinary life - these people are
killed in senseless
violence where they are
targeted and assassinated
for no apparent reason,
and done by people who never get caught.

Who are these people? CIA, Mossad, and their raggedy bobs of arab traitors, corrupt politicians, betraying and killing for profit.

Well snudz....seeing that you are too ashamed to answer truthfully.

When it comes to Iraq, this is one way to fill the zionist jew's coffins, I mean coffers, right old fella?

Well that is one part of the
riddle solved.

Mirvat said...

“Are you Fateh or Hamas?’ - “I am neither”
December 23rd, 2006 | Posted in Journals, Ramallah Region.

"Last night Israeli forces invaded Ramallah Old City around midnight, occupied a family home, blindfolded the twenty-year old son, banged his head against a door and refused to allow the grandmother suffering from diabetes to use the bathroom.

Several jeeps, a hummer and an APC invaded Hizbe Al Qadim Street in Ramallah Tahta around midnight and demanded entry into a family home by banging with rifle butts on the front door. Forced with complying or having their front door blown open, the family opened and several soldiers were seen entering with large bags. Once inside the soldiers imprisoned the family in one room, blindfolded the son and started interrogating him about his political affiliations as well as banging his head against the door. Soldiers also damaged the walls with rifle butts.

Whilst this was happening other military vehicles continuosly shone their searchlights on the windows of neighbouring houses, focusing particularly on one flat. After around an hour the military vehicles left with the soldiers still in the house. Intermittent shooting including automatic gunfire was heard and about an hour later the IOF returned to pick up the occupying soldiers. No one was kidnapped.

In the morning some neighbours identified blood on the walls. This event doesn’t seem to have received any local media coverage, as scenes like these are played out several times nightly across the West Bank"

Mirvat said...

this is not arab on arab action. this is israel sponsored governments on arab action.. same.

Anonymous said...

You guys are still running around in circles ...
Iran is a theocracy - so is Israel and Palestine (no, Palestine is additionally a utter mess).
Religions fight each other, there is no "reason" to it, other than the constant de-illumination.
Borders are not created by god, borders are a human invention.
There is no solution to this until a majority of this or that people are dead.
Perhaps after the massacre the concept of "human brotherhood" will be reconsidered.
Before then, no hope ...

Anonymous said...

Just added one more documentary re 9/11 September 11th Revisited
Expert analysis by Professor Steven E. Jones, Professor David Ray Griffin, MIT Engineer Jeffrey King, and Professor James H. Fetzer. This film provides stunning evidence that explosives were used in the complete demolition of the WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7. This is the link;


Although more and more proofs and documentaries being presented and more people are aware of the tragic event, Americans in majorities don't give any more attention to the ships going to Iran now than getting their Christmas trees decorated...

Rhiannon said...

Now, we must turn our
attention to Iran.
I believe that
our government is
considering initiating
a war with this Islamic mega-power.

They aren’t quite sure
of exactly how to go about this
in order to rally the American people
behind this decision.
So they will either
state that Iran is a nuclear threat,
or that their support of
the Shiite Muslims in Iraq
is empowering the "civil war."

But I believe the truth
is simpler than that:
Iran no longer accepts our
dollars for oil.
This deflates the dollar
on the world market and
creates inflation
in the United States.

Therefore, we might possibly
stage a false operation
of Iranians killing our
soldiers in Iraq in order to
give us a good enough reason
to declare war
or we might just sit down
and talk to them.

The coming election will
decide this.
If the present
administration maintains
control of Congress,
it might only be a
matter of days before
a new plan is executed.
If control of the
House is lost, America
will be forced to negotiate.

As our position in Iraq
becomes more tenuous
we are being forced to
reassess our foreign policy
concerning Syria.
The United States has
maintained no connection
with them stating this is
due to their previous
alliance with the Soviet Union
and their occupation of Lebanon.

Yet, the real reason
we refuse to recognize Syria
is because Israel captured
the Golan Heights in the 1967
war between Israel and the Arabs.

Despite a UN resolution
stating Israel must return
the Golan Heights to Syria,
they have never done so.
This is because the
Golan Heights holds
the most precious resource
on earth: Water.

Dannion Brinkley
November 2006

Mirvat said...

thanks mone. i linked your post

Lirun said...


veracity of accounts aside.. if anyone of our soldiers has done such a thing.. to my mind he/she must be put to trial and sentenced for violations of military codes of conduct.. palo-bashing is not permitted..

yes i am sure that not all soldiers who violate codes are called up on it.. im sure it doesnt always happen.. and frankly it is no consolation to me that palestinians get away with murder and are then released in exchanges as well..

i do not blame the "other side" for moral failures on our side..

its revolting in its own absolute sense..

Mirvat said...

"palo-bashing is not permitted"?
do you know how strange this sentence is?
it says it all..

"frankly it is no consolation to me that palestinians get away with murder and are then released in exchanges as well"

including the children thrown in jail by thousands?

Anonymous said...

Rhiannon -
for once I sympathize with what you posted :)
Brinkley pins it down quite well!
Cheers, 9:03 AM...

snurdly said...

Just fess up everyone...if Israel was an Arab state, all their actions wouldn't get an ounce of media attention. The only reason why you hear about Saddam gassing the Kurds years ago is because the US invaded Iraq *s*

Rhiannon said...

leren and snudz, please keep your day jobs, your jokes are not funny, cute, or even slightly amusing. I see the zionist files are jam-packed with all kinds of hypocracy papers aka "magic tricks" to "pull out of the neocon hat." Poor taste, lacking severly in credibility, laden with ambiguity.......

Well that is par for the course in the land of zionism, right?

Fess up snudzy.

Lirun said...


i dont like any of it..

come on dude.. you know me.. i just want to surf and enjoy the sun..

i hate the kiddy action.. i hate your in jails and i hate our getting blown up by the bus/party load..

as far as im concerned they are all our kids..

they are all our future generation - equipped with all the love and all the hate that we cause them to have..

you know better than to get all word slicey with me..

Rhiannon said...

It is rather foolish to bring up bombings of your buses = the prison that the territories are.

Your country brought that whole mess on, not Palestine. The suicide bombings do not come anywhere near in number to the mass numbers of violence and murders against Palestinian children and their families.

The situation is not equal. You keep acting like it is. You are wrong to believe this.

You can start the peace process by not encouraging your babies to sign their names on missiles intended for the babies of Palestine and Lebanon.

That is just a tiny piece of the beginning.

Lirun said...

sorry did i hear something..

Anonymous said...

you can also start a peace process by altogether denounce violence ... something the Palestinians still have a learning curve to deal about -

Rhiannon said...

Yeah, you heard this:

“The Shoah [the Hebrew word for the Holocaust] is frequently exploited in America and Israel to deflect and forbid any criticism of Israel.

In fact, the Holocaust of Europe’s Jews is nowadays exploited thrice over: It gives American Jews in particular a unique retrospective victim identity; it allows Israel to trump any other nation’s sufferings and justify its own excesses with the claim that the Jewish catastrophe was unique and incomparable;

....... and, in contradiction to the first two, it is adduced as an all-purpose metaphor for evil — anywhere, everywhere, and always — and taught to school children all over America and Europe without any reference to context or cause.

This modern instrumentalization of the Holocaust for political advantage is ethically disreputable and politically imprudent.”

Tony Judt
Jewish Scholar and director of the Remarque Institute at New York University

Rhiannon said...

And you heard this too....

One issue
that must be fiercely
debated and championed
by the peace movement is the
double standards that are dictating global politics.

We are made to believe
that in the present crisis, Iraq
is the most flagrant violator of
United Nations resolutions. We are
told that the presence of weapons of
mass destruction in Iraq constitutes a threat
to the security of the Middle East region, and if
exported, a threat to the world in general. The powerful
may want to whitewash the truth....but the world remembers.

We remember
countless UN resolutions
that bind or urge the international
community to allow for justice and peace
for the people of Palestine…that have gone unheeded.

And we remember
that although the centerpiece
of the argument for war against Iraq today,
namely UN Resolution 687, explicitly states the
objective of establishing a nuclear weapons-free zone
in the Middle East....

....there are those in the region with weapons of mass destruction...
who are not being asked to disarm.

The blatant bastard song
And dance of the neo-con elite.]

For as long
as the Middle East
peace process is denied
an honest broker, and for as
long as the Palestinian people
remain without a homeland....

the urgency
of war or even
conflict resolution
anywhere else in the
world will be questioned.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysian Deputy PM, 16 Feb 2003.