Saturday, January 27, 2007

My mama is very depressed

My mom is your typical strong smart do-it-yourself, be fair, treat others like you want them to treat you, always look at the positive (la takraho shay2an 3asaho khayran), always throw your sorrow in a prayer to God, always be patient and all will happen in time, Lebanese woman.

Her life was and is her family and children and now her grandchildren. She believes that work is like religion and she worked hard all her life. She loves to paint and to write and she loves her brother and her country and Rafi2 Hariri.

She was not afraid during all the wars we had and she got us through. She took care of her mother and of us under the shelling and this last bombing she got my sisters and my nephews and even my brother-in-law through.

She believes that every human being is prone to error and should be humble and she raised us to never be afraid when we are right. She liked listening to Nasrallah during the July events saying he made sense back then. She is future movement all the way.

She does not support Nasrallah in the recent developments. She thinks this sort of behavior is fueling our sectarian tension and divide. She is with Sanioura with all what he did and is doing and i respect her views and her opinions and i think we should all respect each other's opinions.

My mama got a threatening phone call today at her work. A person she helped a couple of days ago heard her cursing at all politicians, including Nasrallah. He got her extension, as she later found out, from a colleague and he called her to tell her that if she ever says anything about Nasrallah again .... you figure it out!!

A religious leader who can come up with any fatwa whenever he likes and that people follow blindly like a god is now the leader of opposition. It is one thing to oppose the ruling to get equal representation and equal rights. It's one thing to want to take the country in a different direction, politically. To discourage help from any Arabic country and western country, to discourage talking to other countries, to encourage acts of violence, for people to feel oppressed and not free to talk like we did under Syrian control.. What the hell is going on? Where are we heading? I am against hariri and co to say the least and against the american/israeli control in the region but i never gave anyone the right to sell me to Iran or to Syria. I never want to be afraid to say my opinions outloud ...

She said she's depressed ... I told her it's time to leave ...


AM said...

I never thought I'd read that last sentence from you ...

Mirvat said...

ya hayete ma home is your mom and the things and places and lifestyle you love.. what's left really?

hashem said...

It's a crazy time ya Mirvat....but I really understand you and maybe feel the same.
I'm with your mom cursing all politicians....they started the whole mess, and now they want to calm it dowm al....
The concept of home has never been so shaken sad.
Hold on bannot.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

nothing is every as it seems..
listen to some mahmoud darwish for some escape to the truth:

snurdly said...

On the anti-Israel scale your Mom only ranks an 8. Nasrallah wants her to rank a 10. She's not good enough...not good enough for the resistance.

That's the problem. Everyone in the Middle East is so damn politically headstrong. At least if they became like Americans where American Idol is more important than presidential elections they can replace violence with a little apathy, obesity and political ignorance.

As far as Lebanon goes, it's just a more educated and somewhat westernized version of Iraq. But like Iraq, Lebanon is another example of Arab failure to capatalize on newfound freedoms. Any inch of freedom given in the Arab world results in the creation of a militant militia soley for political oneupmanship in the form of intimidation. America is failing in Iraq and Israel is failing in Lebanon/Palestine because freedom begets vengeful acts and misdirected anger. In essence, democracy is too advanced for the Muslim world and only a brutal dictator like Saddam was able to effectively produce calm and order.

btw...I do wish you and family well-being, Mirvat...not to mention all of Leb.

jooj said...

that is just terrible Mirvat. I am really sorry to hear that.

Whoever he is and whatever side he truly belongs to, he is just another scum in our country.

If your mom ever finds out who the caller was and what side he truly supports, please share it.

All the best to your mom. Malla balad!

Mirvat said...

thanks hashem and jooj and ibj really thank you for the link, i needed it. just letting out some frustration. it feels terrible when you can't protect the ones you love and when you find yourself helpless facing violations of your rights.. shou bi3arrefne.. scum 3anjad

snurd, thanks for the wishes.. this is not an israeli issue really.. israel is failing in lebanon/palestine? how arrogant.. israel is not required to play any role for it to fail. all what israel is required to do is to leave us alone.

gitanes legeres said...

this reminds me of ionesco's play, rhinoceros..actually the whole situation in cedarland..bad. pretty bad..anyway salmeh 3a immik and call me when u have a chance(at least here ma7ada bee'ra2eb el telephone)

Zee said...

I am getting more and more disillusioned with the Middle Eastern situation, I don't know what to think, speak or act anymore.
So much wasted energy, so much wasteland, so much pain.

achinar said...

That is really sad, depressing and degrading. Is this happeing in my country? is this what we fought and died for? Damn it!

Bashir said...


Lirun said...

you know me well enough to know my thoughts on this matter and to know that i wish your mother safety..

hope to catch up this week.. sent you an email with my number.. sms me and if you dont hear back let me know..



Rhiannon said...

Thank you, snotly, of 8:51 pm, for giving me a platform from which to speak. A very rich topic to bring forth – Israel's failures.

Yes, let’s discuss “israel’s” failures! There are so many failure’s of this bastard nation to bring to light. The failures this so-called country of “Israel” doesn’t want the world to know about.

Let’s begin with “Israel’s” failure to be HONEST, TRUTHFUL, considering that the true government of “Israel” is its TERRORIST MILITARY. Now that is putting it lightly, but there is plenty of room when we want to get into the heavy: From someone who speaks honestly and truthfully:

Ilan Pappe:

"On this stage, not so long ago,
I claimed that Israel is
conducting genocidal policies
in the Gaza Strip.
I hesitated a lot before using
this very charged term
and yet decided to adopt it.

Indeed, the responses I received,
including from some leading
human rights activists,
indicated a certain unease
over the usage of such a term.

I was inclined to rethink
the term for a while,
but came back to employing it today
with even stronger conviction:

it is the only appropriate way
to describe what the
Israeli army is doing
in the Gaza Strip.

On 28 December 2006,
the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem
published its annual report
about the Israeli atrocities
in the occupied territories.

Israeli forces killed this last year
six hundred and sixty citizens.
The number of Palestinians killed
by Israel last year tripled
in comparison to the previous year
(around two hundred).

According to B'Tselem,
the Israelis killed one hundred
and forty one children in the last year.
Most of the dead are from the Gaza Strip,
where the Israeli forces demolished
almost 300 houses
and slew entire families.

This means that since 2000,
Israeli forces killed almost
Four thousand Palestinians,
half of them children; more than
twenty thousand were wounded."


American Idol? Sure, snodly, you would love the middle east to absorb themselves with American Idol while your israel, the cancer that it is, keeps up with its massacring of Palestinian and Lebanese children. After all, your American allies are dumbed and downed by such shows as American Idol and hundreds more......all the more to shut their eyes and cover their ears to the blood spatter frenzy brought on by your cowardly israeli army.

Gotcha snodly.

Rhiannon said...

Ilan Pappe:

“B'Tselem is a conservative organization,
and the numbers of deaths may be higher.
But the point is not just about the
escalating intentional killing,
it is about the trend and the strategy.

As 2007 commences,
Israeli policymakers are
facing two very different realities
in the West Bank and
the Gaza Strip.

In the former, they are closer
than ever to finishing the
construction of their eastern border.
Their internal ideological debate is over
and their master plan for annexing half
of the West Bank is being
implemented at an
ever-growing speed.

The last phase was
delayed due to the promises
made by Israel, under the
Road Map, not to build
new settlements.
Israel found two ways
of circumventing this
alleged prohibition.

First, it defined a third
of the West Bank as Greater Jerusalem,
which allowed it to build
within this new annexed area of
towns and community centers.

Secondly, it expanded old
settlements to such proportions
so that there was no need
to build new ones.
This trend was given an
additional push in 2006……..

(hundreds of caravans were installed
to mark the border of the expansions,
the planning schemes for the new
towns and neighborhoods were finalized
and the apartheid bypass roads
and highway system completed).

In all, the settlements, the army bases,
the roads and the wall will
allow Israel to annex almost
half of the West Bank
by 2010.

Within these territories
there will be a considerable number of
Palestinians, against whom the
Israeli authorities will continue to
implement slow and
creeping transfer policies –
too boring as a subject for
the western media to bother with
and too elusive for human
rights organizations to make
a general point about them.”


Oh, that is sooooo very clever! Nasrallah wants Mirvat's mother to rate 10 or else. But what of Avigdor Leiberman? Doesn't he prefer a rating of say 50 to 75? Still not good enough! Oh Abraham! Bring on more BLOOD SPATTER! On a scale of 1 to 10, 75 will only guarantee graves for the Palestinian children.

Isn't that right, snully?

Rhiannon said...

Ilan Pappe:

“There is no rush; as far as
the Israelis are concerned,
they have the
upper hand there:
the daily abusive and
dehumanizing mixed mechanisms
of army and bureaucracy is
as effective as ever in contributing
its own share to the
dispossession process.

The strategic thinking of
Ariel Sharon that this policy is
far better than the one
offered by the blunt
'transferists' or ethnic cleansers,
such as Avigdor Liberman's advocacy,
is accepted by everyone in the
government, from Labor to Kadima.

The petit crimes of
state terrorism are also
effective as they enable liberal
Zionists around the world to
softly condemn Israel and yet
categorize any genuine criticism
on Israel's criminal
policies as ***anti-Semitism.***" [sic]

====================0 there’s a funny word.
The Palestinians are semites, TRUE SEMITES,
But I guess that is another FAILURE OF
“ISRAEL” to clarify
such a term. Another way
of de-educating the American public:
Yes let’s all watch SURVIVOR
forget about what the actual
and true meaning of the
word SEMITE.......
most importantly, let’s forget
the reasons why
this word has been abused
and misused, all these years,
for all the sickening and
fatal reasons
in the first place. many failures of “Israel”.

Sasmen said...

All our politicians, government and opposition think inside themselves as Gods... but just fearing the word they dont say we are God... unfortunately, all these Gods are the dark ones... the only God of light is something they bypass long time ago... do you think it is their problem? i guess it is ours... we made them... we are the blinds... and the fools... from what we are fearing? death... we are dying thousand time a day...
This will not end, and never ever we will see a solution... because it is one, and we are turning around daily... "AL TA2IFIYYA"... when we will stop saying we are maronite, orthodox, catholic, shiite, sunnite, druze and whatever... when we will say we are lebanese and Lebanon is our Leader... if we are not seeing, just we have to look at palestinians, a people without country! is that what we want?? just keep following your actual leaders and you will know the end!!

_z. said...


hope your mom is doing fine and hanging on. if she's anything like you (or you like her), I know she'll stay in Lebanon, and I also know that you'll be back.

NO civil war, otherwise, ana chakhsiyyan nezil da3wesoun kelloun.
sa3ideh ya ba... ya yalla... da3wiss!
(ma fi 7izbeh bidall we2if 3a ijreh)

Mone said...

Mirvat, I agree with you, if my mom was in that situation I would have asked her to leave as well ...

Rhiannon said...

By Ilan Pappe:
[Israel’s FAILURE to do right by Gaza]:

"Israel’s creating the prison and
throwing the key to the sea,
as UN Special Reporter John Dugard has put it,
was an option the Palestinians in Gaza
reacted against with force as soon as
September 2005.
They were determined to show
at the very least that they
were still part of
the West Bank and

In that month, they launched
the first significant, in number
and not quality,
barrage of missiles into the
Western Negev.
The shelling was a response
an Israeli campaign of
mass arrests of Hamas
and Islamic Jihad activists
in the Tul Karem area.

The Israelis responded with
operation 'First Rain'.
It is worth dwelling for a moment
on the nature of that

It was inspired by the
punitive measures inflicted
first by colonialist powers,
and then by dictatorships, against rebellious
imprisoned or banished

A frightening show of the
oppressor's power
to intimidate preceded all kinds of
collective and brutal
punishments, ending with a large
number of dead and
wounded among the victims.

In 'First Rain', supersonic
flights were flown over Gaza
to terrorize the entire
succeeded by the
heavy bombardment of vast
areas from the sea, sky and land.

The logic, the Israeli army explained,
was to create pressure
so as to weaken the
Gaza community's support
for the rocket launchers.
As was expected, by the Israelis as well,
the operation only increased
the support for the rocket launchers
and gave impetus to
their next attempt.

The real purpose of that
particular operation was

The Israeli generals wished to know
how such operations would be
received at home, in the region
and in the world.

And it seems that instantly
the answer was 'very well'; namely,
no one took an interest in the
scores of dead and hundreds
of wounded Palestinians left behind
after the 'First Rain' subsided."


So snuttly,

while America is getting fat and stupid watching its nightly and daily train of TV shows, your bastard nation “Israel” conducts hundreds of “experiments” to see just how fat and lazy the American public is in its reaction to “Israel’s slow raging genocide of the Palestinians and Lebanese. [but why should the papers bother printing this news in the first place?]

After all, why should Americans care about “israel’s” experiments of murder and torture? Never mind that the American health care system is out of whack and millions don’t have access to medical treatment. Thank God, for those television shows! The 6 billion American dollars a year to terrorist “israel’ surely will not be missed.

Rhiannon said...

Snottly: "Any inch of freedom given in the Arab world results in the creation of a militant militia soley for political oneupmanship in the form of intimidation."

Now that is some israeli terrorist school that you must attend, snootly! How does it work? Is it LIES AND MANIPULATION in the formative years of schooling and then onto ***terrorist, torture, and experimental methods of killing innocent people for their land*** in highschool?

your israeli schooling has FAILED YOU MISERABLY. This is the real world so let me correct you:

Any inch of freedom that has been given, YESTERDAY AND TODAY, in the ISRAELI world results in the creation of a militant militia [israel's failure to attend to its Terrorist Military] soley for political oneupmanship in the form of intimidation. [israel's FAILURE to recognize its horrifying arrogance and wolf-like rabid behavior against other peoples].

Now THAT sounds much better.

Not only has "israel" FAILED to take care of the bloody nightmare it created all these years in the Middle East, "israel" is FAILING its own children and people by brainwashing them into thinking they are better than everybody else, and that no harm will come to them for thinking this way.

snurdly said...


I know you can't get along with us...but the above post was about getting along with yourselves.

When you figure that out one can stop making signs and banners on your warlord's behalf. Until then your country is becoming like those African countries which all you see is a bunch of T-shirt and jeans militia-kids waving their guns in back of pick-up trucks.

Mirvat said...

gitanes, i'll call you as soon as i'm done 3ala kheir :)

zee, bachir and achinar, it truly is depressing..

Lirun, i'm leaving tomorrow actually.. you caught me in a crazy time..

amen sasmen

mone, exactly..

zouzou thanks for the laugh :)sa3eede ya ba we da3wes.. hehe

Lirun said...

what a shame..

but then again i hope you enjoy your trip.. maybe another time..


Rhiannon said...


Snurtly: “America is failing in Iraq and Israel is failing in Lebanon/Palestine because freedom begets vengeful acts and misdirected anger.”

Where? Where in this double-speak-filled sentence is there the “idea”, the “notion” that we are not getting along with ourselves? Misdirected anger? What-are-you-talk-ing-a-bout?? You are not clear. Anyway, you’re loving every minute of the civil wars [created by your fellow zionist peakfreans] in Iraq, Gaza, and Lebanon. Guess American Idol isn’t as entertaining. Imagine that! “israel” can invent its own soap opera entertainment by invading other people’s land. What fun! Such creativity!

You can’t just throw a bunch of dumb words on a blog and think you’re clever. Sure, you are wily and conniving in your speech, of course you are, but you are never bright. You are never honest or straight-forward. Let me help you out snuddly, as I explain to you your lack of higher mind intelligence. To reach such heights you must post like this:

“………………..United States troops used
automatic weapons to kill 13
unarmed civilians in a large crowd
of protesters in Fallujah.
In May, 2003, totally ignorant of the
traditional feu-de-joie at wedding celebrations,
a further four innocents
in a wedding party were killed in
Samarra, just as has occurred in Afghanistan.

Brutal house-to-house searches
have involved theft of valuables
and have ridden rough-shod over
traditional Islamic courtesies
and conventions.

Ignorant, ill-trained, ill-disciplined,
badly officered and
badly commanded, trigger-happy
and increasingly apprehensive
United States troops have continued
indiscriminately to shoot innocent men,
women and children on
the slightest pretext.

The recent killing, reported in
The Australian of 14th April,
of an innocent car driver,
beaten to death when he refused
to remove a picture of the
cleric Muqtadar al-Sadr cannot
have improved this seriously
tarnished image.

More ominously and
friendly fire accidents apart,
United States troops are known
to have deliberately targeted
certain journalists.

Here is a brief extract
from what John Pilger wrote,
under the heading
"We see too much.
We know too much.
That's our best defence",
in The Independent of
Sunday, 6th April, 2004 :

“We now glimpse the
forbidden truths of the
invasion of Iraq.
A man cuddles the body
of his innocent daughter,
her blood drenches them.
A woman in black pursues
a tank, her arms outstretched;
all seven in her family are dead.
An American marine murders
a woman because she happens to be
standing next to a man in uniform.
"I'm sorry," he says, "But the chick got in the way."

Ancient date, orange and lemon groves
have been bulldozed "as part of a new
policy of collective punishment of
farmers who do not give information
about guerrillas attacking U.S. troops"
(The Independent on Sunday, 12th October, 2003).

This comes straight out of the
Israeli Defence Force text book,
and the wanton destruction of
vital olive groves in Occupied Palestine.

So much for "liberation" and "democracy".

The continued draconian use
of conventional battlefield military power
in urban conditions with the
inevitably high civilian collateral
has long been treated with
tacit contempt by British military observers,
and with loathing and revulsion generally.

With little doubt there is a
functional symmetry with
corresponding Israeli tactics
in the Occupied Territories.

This exemplary United States
exercise in winning hearts and minds
was once again demonstrated in Fallujah
at the beginning of April, 2004.
This was partly in revenge for the
killing of the four American mercenaries,
and partly as a reaction
to the general uprising.

The operation saw bombing
and the employment of heavy artillery
and helicopter gunships
in urban conditions
with the inevitable loss of
innocent civilian lives.

As one studies a photograph
of a boy of about ten who has
lost one leg and the foot of the other,
one reflects that Madeleine Albright
would have considered the price worthwhile.

This action in Fallujah has the pedigree
of Deir Yassin in 1948,
Sabra Shatila in 1982,
Jenin in 2002,
[LEBANON 2006]
and countless excursions
into Gaza and Ramallah.”

And that was just bits and parts of 2004.
Notice how all roads of death and suffering lead to “Israel”.

If you’re upset because we are not chatting about American Idol, you can always visit Lirup’s blog. If you keep sticking your nose in and saying stupid things, you really leave me no option but to set you straight. No harm intended, snud.

Rhiannon said...

snobly: "Iknow you can't get along with us...but the above post was about getting along with yourselves."

Who's "us"? As for the "yourselves" part, who are YOU to wag a finger? What are you, our new and improved, plastic, money back-guarantee-Jesus Christ? Are you wearing the Hebrew robes of Moses today?

Since you're in Moses or Jesus mode I thought you'd be interested in the following.........

I believe we were talking about “Israel’s” FAILURES. After all, you brought it up…….So I simply mention “israel’s” failures - actual facts that "israel" doesn't want the world to know about.

What the Amercan public doesn’t know and “Israel” keeps hidden:

ILAN PAPPE: [Someone who is successful at telling the TRUTH]:

Ironically, the Israeli killing machine
has rested lately.
Even relatively large number
of Qassam missiles, including one
or two quite deadly ones,
did not stir the army to action.

Though the army's spokesmen
say it shows 'restraint', it never did
in the past and is not likely to do so
in the future.

The army rests, as its generals are
content with the internal killing
that rages on in Gaza and
does the job for them.

They watch with satisfaction
the emerging civil war in Gaza,
which Israel foments and encourages.

From Israel's point of view
it does not really matter how Gaza
would eventually be demographically
downsized, be it by internal
or Israeli slaying.

The responsibility of ending
the internal fighting lies of course
with the Palestinian groups themselves,
but the American and Israeli interference,
the continued imprisonment,
the starvation and strangulation
of Gaza are all factors that make
such an internal peace process
very difficult.

But it will take place soon
and then with the first early sign
that it [the internal fighting] has subsided,
the Israeli 'Summer Rains'
will fall down again on
the people of Gaza,
wreaking havoc and death.

This must be highly pleasurable for you, snut, that you and your generals have created a nice cozy civil war of which you can sit yourselves down to enjoy. Nothing like good old fashioned israeli entertainment. Nothing like a hot steaming mug of Palestinian or Lebanese blood to put an Israeli such as yourself in a mellow mood.

snurdly said...


We "created" a civil war? Hamas was elected. They chose the boat theyre in now and they knew what the price was. As for Lebanon you guys tolerated Nasrallah. Wow, without Israel an actual Lebanese soldier wouldn't be in the south. Israel actually assisted with Lebanon's sovereignty this past summer. Of course youre too blind to see it that way because Nasrallah is such a hero. So, you can go back and argue bitterly which warlord is better and I'll sit comfortably drinking a cold beer tracking your countries' progress via internet. *s*

Lirun said...

snurdly.. our customer complaints guru needs a place to let go of her stress.. she chooses here.. dont worry.. its not personal..

she gets a lot of crap at work.. her have her moment.. she is yet to discover a gym..

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Rhiannon's posts hold a helluva lot of weight in knowledge and decency. Nothing like a bunch of Israeli air-heads who can't handle the truth about their country, who can only take pot shots at someone who has a broad scope of intellegence - unlike idiots like yourselves with a jack-in-the-box mentality.

We all understand. The truth hurts.........

Lirun said...

:)i love the brave anonymous people..

Jamil said...

Mirvat in the end you can't be neutral anymore, i gave up longtime ago take a side and fight for it but sure don't take your country side and don't defend it, leave it for the followers, they pretend loving it but they don't, here am i honest with you guy and first with myself
LOBNAN AL AKHDAR ENTAHA and i'm searching for a new home

Mirvat said...

jamil is this you?
what you said is heartbreaking, i can understand it but it's still harsh..
if it the same jamil we'll argue about this later and when are you coming to montreal? :)

jamil said...

This is the same jamil, It's really heartbreaking but i'm trying to be realistic, we've been dreaming for decades but once we are patriotics and other times deceiver, you know well my opinion mirvat
Waiting for the visa and i will try to get usa visa as well