Thursday, January 25, 2007

... And they called it "Black Thursday"

“Killkon 3al yamine tashouf”
“Wa22ef 3ajanab”
“Mabta3ref ana meen wle?”

Shwayyet 7ake rbeena 3leh. It was funny to see it in ‘West Beirut’ but we sure as hell still remember the horror. We remember sleeping in shelters, standing in line for bread and storing water in the tub.
Jarrabna nkoun a7san. Eh sara7a a7san. Jarrabna nkoun la2eddem. Ahlna marabbouna zo3ran bass maba3ref min wein ijo kill hal zo3ran. Hot headed idiots. We ba3den? Maba2 ili 3ein oul baddi irja3. we aswa2 ba3ed, bi ayya 3ein baddi oul la ayya 7adan yirja3? Kirmel shou? We iza ana mish di3ani bil balad, ghayri yimkin di3ano. We asesan shou ya3ni balad iza el 3alam frata? Show ya3ni balad?

“Yalla shou haida balad asesan”
“3am yetkhena2o 3ala ardna”
“hay mou2amara”

wlak tidrabo malla sha3eb. Tidrabo min bein el 3alam. Tidrabo iza bitseero 3alam.

In the midst of this past war lamma kinna 3am ninda3as bilsirmeye i stood up high and said i’m lebanese. Halla2 shou baddi oul? Shi biya22es we shi bikhajjel. We lashou mabaddon ykassro? Ykassro.. asesan byistehalo ba3od we makharjon balad.

Kiss ikhto malla balad.

Labadde ghanne 3al e7doud wala yashaware3 wala 3alliha 3alli 3alliha. Wattiha khayye bikoun a7san. Wattiha we yaret btiksirha abel matmedda 3ala khayyak we khayye.

El lubnan sayabka… wlak ayya lubnan?

You said, “this is Beirut that you keep defending? Do you now understand why I say Dubai is my country? Do you see why I gave up?...”
You won… I give up …

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anny said...

rou2ii ya 3ammiii ma badda hal2ad ...shii mokhzi sa7i7, bass haidi killa "a3melll sobyaniye". min3aadi minnna nshallah ...

_z. said...

wlik di3anik inte bi 7ayalla balad.
ana beftekhir oul ennik men baladeh.

smile bannout.
(a sarcastic smile though)

gitanes legeres said...

eh wallah..

[ j i m m y ] said...


Mar said...

eh ma ka'ano mara' wa'et 3ala our horrific memories of that nasty time. Whats new? A stale memory rej3a ghamin 3annik w 3anne with a twist this time. The twist is in our twisted minds


Maya@NYC said...

so true ya mirvat. a situation so disappointing. again. (love the song)

kk said...

You are so right Mirvat. However, should we really give up and let the zo3ran take over. Remember, they want chaos so that they rule. 'rifna sa7i7, but Don't give up!

Ghassan said...


transient said...

Lebanon is a vortex of nostalgic misery terrorizing the tattered soul that just can’t sever the tether. Change must be revolutionary as to not be compromised.

BTW I love that torturous song :)

hashem said...

I understand you fully.

Mirvat said...

eh a3mel sobyeniyeh but this seems to be what defines our fate.. why should we have to live like this? the palestinians alla yse3edon, mish bi2idon, ne7na min eedna.. and we keep doing it over and over.. you have to keep believing? in what? i don't follow an ideology or a confession..i follow what? a country? where is that country? what is it defined by?
i don't know anymore..

nightS said...

never give up on something no matter what it is!

jamil said...

i swear to god that i didn't read this article bofore i post my comments there, here i am repeating i'm trying to be realistic and yes i found my new home and wish they will take me part of the family otherwise we will stay 3ala bwab l al dowal natrin passport aw 3ala beb el safara metel l sha7adin,
eh w balad.........

Mirvat said...

yeah i'm talking to you in this one.. i do see your point, my friend says it's the wrong century to be an arab.. and to be lebanese is to have a tremendous load and baggage.. we live once so you have the right to do what makes you happy. a country after all is a place where we feel safe and accepted and if your country doesn't give you that anymore, it's another story..
i never say you're wrong about your frustrations but i like to remain hopeful in a better tomorrow..
check for a new post.. i will write about this soon :)