Friday, March 07, 2008

Confession #3

I have a very addictive personality and I am addicted to the people i love. Addiction in its worst form with visual cue triggers, withdrawal and total emotional dependence. There was that science paper that showed that the the brain registers the high from drugs in a distant place from where it registers the memory and need for the drug. Based on a lot of advances in this field, where the brain circuits and centers are understood and functions mapped in live patients reponding to stimuli, there is the near promise of a drug or a procedure to zap the trigger out at once. I think it will help with nostalgia too. The ramifications of it ... Scary!


Lirun said...

is that what it is.. i thought it was just ayuni?

Zee said...

in my dreams
I'll sail the Mediterranean waters
like Odysseys.
One fine day,
after years,
I will find your shores
and make you smile.

Anonymous said...

Nice analysis! That's amazing and good in the same time, you are just moving on the good way to understand the world around by understanding first of all "yourself"! Thank you for this good post!

AM said...

Lol, are you reading other than science these days? :P