Monday, January 14, 2008

She said life seems to be gray …

Unforgettable, she broke the silence,
she came back from a midnight of sorrows ..
From a world far from her innocent laughter,

far from her grace,
her black hair still tender, still the same,
crowning her delicate face,
her erring looks hold candor when striking.
She talked about yesterday,
about the days of our age,

our age that always seemed to be lost
between two wars, between the times, between two generations
an age of innocence that does not belong anywhere

... Widows behind the dark glass,
Colors that melt in a grim horizon ..
We were not born there,
We were a generation of middle children, never belonging
We left our pride and self-indulgence and even silly dreams
We left vanity and rebellion

and we matured our way into total indifference

Do not let my past mock my present, do not pain me
Keep the memories locked in your eyes, in your heart,

I see them, i know them, i lock them in my heart ...
Keep quiet dear friend,
Do it for me
Be gentle ...

A generation of middle children
All wanting the attention, all loners all wanderers,

all cold hearted and all terrified
all living in gray …
Not quite brilliant stars, not quite happy …

Not quite in love

She said life is gray
And she said that is ok …

Go, old friend …
The year I see you, the moment I see you, again one day,
You would still be in my mind … dreams ago, a life ago … a moment ago …
Go so that you come back in the summer
When I come to life, when we might all come together
And be loners together, and be outsiders together…
Go and come back
It’s ok …


Dry Gin Martini said...

Still alive eh Mirvat? Just a quick hi... was looking for stuff in archives and stumbled upon your blog so wanted to say 'ello.

Mirvat said...

this is you!!!
i didn't even know it was you. wlak keefak?