Monday, February 12, 2007

The weather these days
Gha2em joz2iyan …
I miss you too my darling
I don’t have time to think these days
But as soon as I do, I will think of you


AM said...

Messi, ew ana kamen :P
Lol, just kidding.

Anonymous said...

أما أنا فلا الغيوم الملبدة ولا عصف الريح ولا البرد أو الزمهرير يشغلني عن التفكير بك....فأنت تسكنين قلبي و عقلي وتمنحينني دفئا دائما...

Lirun said...

tithaki alaya
my arabic sucks heheh

Mar said...

and he better appreciate that!!

Jamil said...

The weather these days
Moshmess and Refreshing.
The weather of my heart
Moulabad bel Ghoyoum, black Clouds, Rainy (tears)
I have all the time to think but i can't think.
i want to think, i don't want to think
I'm going to sleep, maybe if i close my eyes i can see you in my dreams, then no need to think.
But i afraid to sleep, when i wake up i have to think
well, Still don't know!!!

Mirvat said...

am, tekrami ya ahla
anon, shino had?
lirun you're still here ?!! :)
marmoura, people do..
we jamil no more dilemmas khalas badna n3ish :)