Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Broken Letters ...

Because she's mourning a lover
and it is the worst thing
to long for a sensation that you know
that you will never have again
you look at your fingertips
as if to summon some of him...
to long for a lover you lost
is to die
is to wake up every morning
chasing the tip of a dream
only to remember a nightmare
the feeling of loss
the deep endless source of numbness...

Your limbs ruffling...
your eyes are open but you can't sleep
and you can't cry
bitterness to everything around you
you can't let people catch a sadness in your looks
you're too proud
your blank face refuses to be dismissed
refuses sympathy
you stray...
windows of white
windows of eternal light
of eternal emptiness
you still can't cry...
you will cry later and,
for now
you will suffer...

And I,
Don't you worry when i go,
you will be taken care of,
I saw the end today, love
I was ready but my only pain
was the image of your lost face
I know my time will precede yours,
and i cannot leave you behind,
the shame of your tears scares me
tonight i will take you in my arms
and we will worry tomorrow....


transient said...

amazing how your writing can tug the reader in different emotional directions without being over-the-top. Romaticizing pain and loss and making up with elegant nostalgic euphoria.

Anonymous said...

To be frankly critical, I thought that there were certain parts of the poem that spoke of their exceptionalities.
I thought the following line was simply awesome:

"I was ready but my only pain
was the image of your lost face
I know my time will precede yours".

It seems that the readiness, the preparedness for a future is obstructed by memory.

Another pretty awesome part is this one:
"you will cry later and,
for now
you will suffer..."

To me this meant that the postponement of tears will presently engulf one in momentary pleasure, because one tries to forget the pain, and thus forget crying. However, when the pressurized pain explodes and floods everything, the pain as well as the tears will be greater than what the would have been, because of the fact that the speaker put off crying.

_z. said...

hey you!
i don't have uplifting words, i am lower than you are right now, I just wanted to reaffirm and let you know, again, that I love your writing.

take care mirv.
keep smiling ya helwe.

palo-girl said...

thats so beautiful.
you're so blessed to be able to frame you're feelings so perfectly.

Mar said...

what does that mean? am I supposed to worry?
keep on writing.. we all love it.