Monday, July 02, 2007

My latest distraction ...

This summer ...
The only thing there is to be done is to ignore the news and try to find a peaceful artistic space within ..
I regress to simpler days and take out my colors my pencils and my old small dreams ..


Ghassan said...

amazing. better than my time spent.
(how come I know these women??)

Mirvat said...

does the last one look like my mom? and a couple you've seen before.. i found my way to the beach :)

Coco said...

Beautiful drawings!!

Mone said...

beautiful, and good for you re the news, I stopped watching the news as well :) there s so much to do beside watching this crap :)

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...


YOU have become quite GOOD since tuffah7a!

(may i speak with my art teacher voice?)
you are VERY GOOD when you render the face and its features in neutrals, even when you use color sparingly or illustratively in the rest of the drawing. ex: #1 & #3 & #4 (from the top.)

#1 at the very top is quite sharp and deep in its observations, skillful in the quality of its markmaking, as is confident in its forceful expressiveness.

as far as the two where you used color to render the face, you jumped into thick color too fast, judging from your quite adept abilitites to render the face w/o color in the other three. so you used color in a much too saturated way in #2 & #5, w/o the striking contrast that is present in your three B&W ones.

please excuse me for not being able to refrain from being a classroom teacher. i just realized that i am NOT in the classroom, standing at a student desk, hovering over their artwork spouting my endless opinions.

now i will go look at your drawings again.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

i just looked at the top one again. i should have just kept my above comment to a minimum and just said:

the top drawing is rendered with much love an excitement.

Mirvat said...

thanks coco
mone, yeah let's not waste another summer
IBJ, thanks so much for the comments. it's very encouraging coming from an art teacher :) and you're right (of course), in 2 and 5, i tried to play with oil and i'm very bad at it.

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

well, i didn't mean you shouldn't play -- it's good that you played.. you should keep playing! my observations are just something to think about the next time you play with oils, or work with color in general.

The best instruction i received as far as using oils from a a professor was: "fat over lean" - meaning start lean with the amount of paint you put down on the canvas, don't go thick right away, keep the paint diluted with turpentine or linseed oil, and simplified color, then build it up "fatter" with thicker oil paint, gradually, after your composition is laid down "lean" on your cancas.

transient said...

wow, this is good work since it doesn't seem to be mimicking. there is emotional content. you have improved. Keep at it. before you know it, it will be as brilliant as your poetry.

Lirun said...

hey mirvat.. this article reminded me of rhiannon..

wishing us both a summer than is much more achsan than the last one..

abus einik


Zee said...

What a refreshing post!!!!
I hardly visit blogs anymore and seldom post on mine (sorry!). TV is black, only BBC in the wee morning hours.
Art sees the future, neither science or politics does.
Your pictures and drawings are quite good - actually they are QUITE GOOD!
Blessed be the space you harbored for yourself!!!
As always, love Zee.

Zee said...

... my favorite is the last one. Why? Drama in the mouth and depth in the eyes.
A bien tot

Mirvat said...

IBJ, thanks for the tip. it makes sense to me :)

transient thank you, my poetry is humble next to yours

lirun, wish you a nice summer too and have fun surfing

zee!! ma man!! how are you these days my friend. hope you're happy. are you still in maine? how is your summer going?

rhiannon said...


So glad you are bearing your RHIANNON scars with lots of pain and anquish - it shows.

I had a good chuckle over the document. I think it's hilarious how your people project their personality on others - I include YOU in this task as well, of course.

I skimmed through the talk-backs and lo and behold, in a wash of insane zionist gunk I find a lovely named Hannah:

"If so-called Israel was not in and of itself a purveyor of evil, then perhaps there would be less evil people willing to defend and justify the evil actions of zionism. On the other hand, there would of course be many less posters wanting to point out the true evil in and between the lines of the zionists. For examples of benign talkback forums, please check out the Scandinavian press. However, in the zionist press, I`m amazed that a neutral topic such as `talkback forums` could possibly present yet another opportunity for more of the usual one-sided zionist whining and false feelings of victimization on the part of the executioner."

There's another poster named Dutch. Another lovely. Maybe you wanna take him to court, eh, libbin? But then maybe you and your paranoid, perpetually victimized self should just get it over with and take 3/4 of the world to court. Go for the gusto! Ride it like a WAVE! I will salute you, lipert!

Perhaps you should have spoken in french, no? Perhaps in some fancy code?

rhiannon said...


perhaps you want to take the makers of this video to court? You want to shut up the voices of reason and justice, right?

Too bad Bette Midler doesn't really know what she is singing about, eh?

You just keep it up. Everytime you try to undo what I say about "israel" with the stupid things you say, you just fall flat on your face.

God IS watching. And your so-called country will be found out by all.


Sorry Mirvat. I know you want quiet.

Zee said...

Hey Mirv!
I'm still on that island in Maine ... still enjoying it. Next weekend I'm leaving for Europe for two weeks, duty calls (my mom).
Around the 12th of August I'll be back to the island. Then I will expect you to come by, finally :)))

Lirun said...

shuffu ya yanas.. what a talent

Lirun said...

just to make sure you dont think i was referring to any thing else.. mirvat your drawings are excellent..

kol hakavod

Mirvat said...

sure will zee

i guess i missed rhianone and lirun's fights :)

Mone said...

actually I kinda missed the punches too :D and trying to guess how many variation of Lirun's name can Rhiannon create ...too funny

Lirun said...


i never realised she was even referring to me ;)

hmm wondering is it a she?

bahibik ya ochti.. fenik ana ma bashufik..

Zee said...

kyansj ...
mystical ways, nah, just my >word verification<.
The Middle East is fucked, too many unresolved issues. Israel is a prick like always, Palestinians don't get their act together, Iraq is a haven for extremists, Lebanon is fatally hurt, Afghanistan is back to be the main exporter of poppy seeds to the world market, Pakistan has seen better days, Saudis still claim Medina which they should get rid off, woman can't drive a car in Saudi - what the fuck, the US ignores the crumbling factors of a sick empire, it needs no terrorist to confirm you that while bridges collapse and old pipes burst in Manhattan.
There will be more pipes, after all - they all are coming of age.
All I can think of right now... act locally, fuck globally.
Cheers for now.

Ah Mirvat, you better take a vacation. Come up to Maine, you will not regret it.

_z. said...

salut toi!

Michael Cammer said...

Good art.

Mirvat said...

thank you :)
i just put the painting you gave me on my wall here. i value it deeply