Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Love me by all costs

Love me when I do not deserve
That is when I need it the most
Love me when I deter you
When I hide and when I bleed in silence
About me when I do not cry
Love my weakness, my failing heart
My fractured insides
Worry …
When I need you not to,
The most …

Love me when I push you away
When I leave you behind
When I speak a different language
When my limbs burn, when my people die
When I shy from help
When all is gone and none is left
And what stays behind is weak and gray …

Love me
You are all I have
All I learned all I owned all I lost
And all I am today …


palo-girl said...

you speak my heart..
only it sounds prettier when u say it ;p

_z. said...

yeah... see palo-girl.. that's what I always say about her writing too...

missed you mirvat.