Thursday, June 14, 2007

Last published June 4 ...

Eh dakhlak we ni7na lyom shou?
maba3ref.. walid 3ido was killed yesterday
tayyeb monot walla jimmayzeh
all the same.. all dead anyway.. it's a ghost town
and so i heard..
kiss ikhto malla balad
mafi a7la minno hal balad
halla2 kamen
we law shou masar
tu reviens toi?
je suis amoureuse moi. i went to the embassy and tried to explain.. ya khayye.. i live there..
you know.. not here.. for now.. halla2 wataniyyeh?
yalla salami we cheese?
la2 za3tar
tayyib we ba3den biscuit 3al jimmayzeh and a chocolate shot
let's give it a shot... is it open?
they said they will except for sundays we lamma bisir infijar
wlak shou masar... ana hon sehraneh


Hashem said...

have a good time home, Mirvat

Kodder said...

Mirvat :P.
are you ok?

gitanes legeres said...

kessik.... enjoy it to the max..
wish i could be there too..

smoke one gitane for me 3al ba7er...

_z. said...

yalla yalla... I am following... mid July...
you gave me hope kint kteer khayif!

Maya@NYC said...

enjoy and stay safe (however that can be done!)
am still waiting to book my ticket: today it's 300$ cheaper than last week!!!

Mirvat said...

hashem sorry couldn't call you before i left

kodder yes i'm fine and very happy here

nasnous ra7 ishrab kessik we yareyt kinte ma3na hone

zouzou we maya laken we'll see you here :)

Mone said...

wo ana sahran ma3ek :)