Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still trying..
I promised Ghada to keep on at it and we decided with me her and Lirun we can bring this habit back!!
Someohow.. _Z is right, it felt as if i do not have anything to say in a while and i still might not have anything to say so i am turning this into a mere self indulgence space .. A therapy session .. When i first started this blog i called it Passing for Normal, after an old book that told the story of a woman suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Though my compulsive habits do not take a debilitating form in my life, i tend to be more on the obsessive side and that does take its toll on me. When i do anything, it has to be full and consistent and complete. This is why during the war, i had to cover every single little event and show every picture there is on this site. This is why, when i do not have the time to blog, or the time to blog to the max, i stop all together. This is why when i am missing on some spices, i stop cooking all together.. and most importantly and severely, this is why when i work, i work all the time..
It had made me sad and just all around insane in my habits and my hours..
I will try to change and this right here is a start..
Writing this from scratch and with no spell check and with no end and no start