Friday, January 02, 2009

Back there ...

Back frozen on the net, surfing for news, trying to get some work done but aching ..

I am tired of this, i am physically tired of this ..

I cannot look away.

I woke up, the tv was still on since yesterday, i cleaned my face and cleaned my face and cleaned my face, lait, toner, lait, what else do i have ..

I do those compulsive things when i want to feel more in control.. I cleaned my face but i don't remember looking into my face, and then i started cleaning the house .. and cleaning ... I have some exams to correct. The semester is almost over. I have to write the final exams and i have around 8 lectures left to prepare in each class. I have to update the system too. All the new typing. People are asking for results and i cannot fall behind schedule. I have to finish writing this paper. Why is the kitchen floor all wet? I should reorganize my closets and set up next week's appointments. Let's see, there's the Armenian expedition .. That spa day thing i got, i don't have time for that .. maybe i'll give it to someone but i do need it .. I have to go to Beirut sometime next week. My brakes are still busted and i still have to go to the bank. *Mental note = don't lose your mind*. That lady gave me all these creams to use every day, what is she nuts? I don't have that kind of time, i have a job, but she said my skin is suffering .. I miss my nephews. How come i'm 31? All the sitcoms with the cool people we like were younger, friends and that new one.. Seinfeld, i think they were over 30.. but still 31!! maybe i should use those creams.. i have to do that MRI sometime soon too *mental note, call the insurance company*. I need light bulbs and a man to fix them. I have gained weight. I hate winter. those pants used to fit when i was in san diego, that wasn't a long time ago. i should lose weight. maybe i'll try that yogurt diet again. i just need to exercise again. but i don't have time for this.. i need to fix my hair before Thursday *make an appointment with the hairdresser*. I need to change hairdresser since i cried at mine last time i was there. shit. Let's see what's on the news. I can get to all this crap tomorrow. I'll start with that diet now.. or maybe put the yogurt on my face..

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Zee said...

Does yogurt on your face help? Let me know - mine also needs an awakening.