Friday, November 23, 2007

The worst part of my day …
Is road kill…
Nothing feels, smells or sounds interesting
It all adds up, layers upon layers
Nothing feels, smells or sounds real
A blur
The extravagant colors and textures and shiny words
Dark roads accessorized chests and jeweled bistros
Hands knocking on mats on spreads and tears
Heads knocking against the knots of time
Against the walls against a million question
The oblivion that wipes the days the dreams the laughs the fears
The nothingness
Of belonging of age of knowledge of love,
The empty road of tomorrow

The best part of my day is the sunset
As I drive by the beach
As I think of you …

I would tell you where I am
Friend, only if I knew ...


Zee said...

Hmm, yes - I can follow you
even though my feet don't touch the same soil.
There is a lot to be said about sunsets - more so than sunrises.
I do like the ending of your poem, quite a bit actually. It brings it all home!
Now take care, with as little despair as possible. Your lucky - the sun in Beirut sets over the ocean. Could have been the other way around, you know ....

Zee said...

I heard an interview on Alternative Radio today with a a lady called Amal Saad-Ghorayeb.
Evenen tough I learned a lot of new issues and things, it made the inner picture I hold of Lebanon even more confused then it already is.
Do you recognize that name?

poshlemon said...


she is a famous author who writes on Hezbollah especially.

Zee said...

yes I noticed.
During the one hour interview I had to shut the radio off once or twice for a minute or so. Not that i am not in appreciation what Hezbollah has in organizational skills and how they redeemed the south. But there was not one iota in her voice that Hezbollah also initiated some of the mess of the last Israeli conflict. I find that confusing, or better - I find it to be ignorant.
But I very much liked her historical analysis of Lebanon what in a nutshell challenged outside forces or empires who always want to have their way - may it be Syria, the French in the past and now the USA ... and then there is of course the question of all neighboring states.
Interesting woman, but she swayed over the issues like a crane waiting for fish.
The more I learn about Lebanon, the more complex it gets.
Hezbollah seems to be the only player in this game who has intent, whatever the direction and whatever that means. All other components or parties stumble on a grey road of indecision. That's a tragedy for a pluralistic society.
I can only tell you that much, Lebanon could be a jewel, nestled at the Mediterranean, gorgeous and self sufficient. But for some reason no one wants it to happen, even the south ... who actually needs it most.
I am sad now, so I will be quiet.

Feras othman said...

....the sunset

You'll be surprised to know how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end

cheers !!

Lirun said...

happy birthday for tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

it's not ignorant at all. A S-G is a Hezbollah flack. She specializes in agit prop.

_z. said...

first of all, welcome back my long lost friend.

This is the absurdity and the fatality of our choices... where are you really... where am I?
Should I be there to begin with?

layers upon layers of numbness and bitterness, a knot in a throat that chokes.

You look forward to sunset, I yearn for pitch darkness.
only then I can sleep.

missed you.

Zee said...

It is too bad that you are anonymous - "anonymous."

paris parfait said...

What a powerful piece...

M said...

"Hezbollah seems to be the only player in this game who has intent. All other components or parties stumble on a grey road of indecision"
This is so UNTRUE.
For now i wish not to go in details.
I want to leave this nice post in peace.
My best part of the day is sunset too. There's that strange feeling of tranquility in it. It's like a nostalgic refuge and a purification from all the day's shit.
I drive by the beach everyday; sunset on my right and a long empty road ahead.