Friday, January 22, 2010

Bringing this thing alive ...
In my noncommittal phase, i am not fit to committ not even to a virtual space, so Q and A style, for you, for now ..
I think we are all hunters, men and women, contrary to the misconception .. That woman in the cave going over her options, mating with the strongest, the best at hunting, well isn't that hunting, isn't that selection and determining the species? Isn't that the biggest hunter of all? In the wild the female always chooses, sits back while the males face off .. she nitpicks and nests and lures and seduces.. she fluffs her feathers .. she bites heads when done with the mate.. Some female ducks even evolved complex genitalia to thwart unwelcome mating attempts, since mallards have the nasty habit of attemting to rape females .. In a nutshell, they set the terms and choose the appealing DNA and they are set on reproducing .. Is it a man's world? Or is it that all of us, men or women, males and females, have been equipped and have evolved to repopulate and propagate the species .. It seems that in these measures, males guard and protect the women, they guard and protect the guardians .. Women choose and use and go on with it .. So no one wants to committ anyway, females come off like they do because they are the guardians of the species and so need to organize the progeny .. The illusion that we need devotion, men or women, comes from pride ..
As for the second question, and if we agree that we are all hunters after all, i think we are moved by the challenge, an apple tastes better taken from the arms of a tree right? and so sadly might be misconstrued by the most addicted eternal hunters as the ultimate validation of one's skills ..

Pride that we could keep a mate just to ourselves, fear of aging alone.. valid reasons to seek out loyalty and commitment ..

Picking our apples from the tree, now that's just nasty ..


Lirun said...

welcome back :)

Tony said...

Let the hunt go own..

Let the show go own..

Started to observe clearer day by day in 2010 and now with that,i feel we are always in the jungle law :P

Oh Goshhhhh :P

Mirvat El-Sibai said...

thanks Lirun :) miss this place!

ghada said...

indeed welcome back i am too :)