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Anonymous said...

GOOD POST by Laila:

Occupation: the elephant in the room

"........But the devil is so often in the detail-not in what was said, but what was not. Notably missing from the call was a need to open the crossing to people as opposed to merely humanitarian aid and commerce, as though the Gaza problem can be vanished by tons of food.

It was this very clause that was negotiated to inclusion in the Agreement on Movement and Access brokered by none other than Condie rice herself shortly after Disengagement: the need to provide Access and Movement for goods AND people, and keep the crossings operating on a continuous basis. Of course, this never materialized: neither in percentage of trucks allowed in or out, nor the promised Palestinian control over Rafah within one year. OCHA keeps a good record of weekly violations of the AMA as a reference.

Obama also said the US "will support a credible anti-smuggling and interdiction regime so that Hamas cannot rearm". See this had me a little confused- because I thought it was Israel with the Merkava tanks, F 15 and F 16s, white phosphorus, DIME, and nukes.

Regardless, none of this will matter. If Palestinians are not granted their most basic human right of freedom of movemen, the tunnels will continue to thrive.

So I'm going to throw something out here that might sound a bit out there- hold your breathe everyone: how about we actually try ending the occupation instead of coming up with a million and one excuses why we shouldn't?

Notice the pattern vis a vis any Palestinian group-whether it was Fateh and the PLo before, or Hamas now: they are and always will be terrorists (the PLO is still on the US terrorist list); once you negotiate, its only a process meant to serve as a cover for continuing settlement expansion and consolidation of the Occupation; if that doesn't work, cry foul and say you have no partner for peace- then bomb their security infrastructure and say they have to have better security before they become a partner. If the people elect someone else, start over.

For real change, why start by saying things like they are: if Israel has the right to defend itself, don't Palestinians have not only the right, but the obligation to both defend themselves and resist against an illegal occupation?

posted by Laila @ Friday, January 23, 2009

- Rhiannon

Zee said...

Ja, ja - LAILA is right, but it is still only an assessment Rhino!
No hint or aroma of a solution, no outlook - just same old, same old.

I am still convinced, that the only method to this madness, is to at least try the Gandhi approach for real.
What would happen if 500,000 Palestinians cross over to Israel and just sit silently in a town square? Would that be an action to risk? Is there anything more to loose in this perpetuating struggle? Would it get world attention of the "zionist" press? Would it make a statement? Would the US reevaluate its "commitment" towards Israel?
All I am trying to say, is not about if Hamas (or any other group) has the right to defend Palestinians, that is a futile train of thought. What I am trying to convey is - that the "defend-concept" doesn't work, and never will. The bully without oversight will always win. (in this case Israel)
Peace is a weird and lofty concept Rhiannon. It definitely has nothing to do with "rights" or the "law". Those two things (if non corrupt) just preserve whatever is already "peaceful" as an afterthought, once peace has been established.
Simply put, peace is not defined by the absence of violence! Instead it is the fortified attitude between humans, that humiliation and brute force can not ever rule society.
How to attain this for the Palestinians?
Try the Gandhi concept ... all others have failed. But of course that will never happen, Arab horses contain choleric blood. So there you go, there is no solution until the Israeli's become a "dominant minority".....
Hasta la vista baby.

Anonymous said...

Well...I see the "Ghandi" approach is really working for YOU, the preachy preacher. Bravo! Let's see...we have gone from "ignorant donkeys to choleric Arab horses."

Choleric Arab very childishly HISSY of YOU. It FEELS REAL GOOD...perhaps gives you some "inner peace" to put some blame on this incredibly lopsided tragedy on the Palestinians.

I don't think you listened clearly to the Norman Finkelstein video in above thread / comments.

"israel's" whole thing is FEAR. It lives in fear, therefore its greatest desire is to incorporate fear. According to Norman Finkelstein, israel had to demolish and destroy, wreak mayhem and murder so that Arabs would have FEAR of "israel".

Perhaps you did not hear what Finkelstein said.

Finkelstein: The Palestinians leadership, Hamas, was signalling that it was ready to seek a diplomatic settlement of the conflict along the June 1967 border. So israel would have to withdraw from the territories - West Bank / Gaza. israel is unwilling to do that.

The Palestinians were appearing too moderate. And so they had to be destroyed.

****CHOLERIC - Easily angered; bad-tempered. Showing or expressing anger. extremely irritable or easily angered; irascible


Finkelstein: What was most shocking of all the destruction of Gaza was in front of the world's eyes. The European governments went along with it. The European governments went along with the starvation of Gaza for the past two years. The European governments joined in the brutal economic sanctions against Gaza. And European governments even now, including the Russian government, they just went to visit Olmert - after the brutality, after killing 400 children, after bombing schools, after bombing mosques. THE KILLING RATIO WAS 100 TO 1. 14 israelis, 1,300 Gazans. [now it is over 1,300.]

AND THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT CURBING HAMAS' WEAPONS. NOT CURBING israel's WEAPONS! IT'S BREAKINGTAKING. NO EMBARGO ON israel! israel just committed a massive atrocity before the whole world's eyes.

pay attention! Hamas, was signalling that it was ready to seek a diplomatic settlement of the conflict along the June 1967 border.

pay attention! Hamas, was signalling that it was ready to seek a diplomatic settlement of the conflict along the June 1967 border.

pay attention - Hamas, was signalling that it was ready to seek a diplomatic settlement of the conflict along the June 1967 border.

****CHOLERIC - Easily angered; bad-tempered. Showing or expressing anger.


But you won't hear about moderate Palestinians or Hamas seeking diplomatic talks in the news OPERATED & OWNED by ZIONIST JEWS.


....instead we will hear what a bunch of CHOLERIC ARAB HORSES they all are, only fit to be starved, amputated and murdered in cold blood.

Thank YOU, Mr. "ghandi".

- Rhiannon

Zee said...

Here is my ode to "joy" Rhiannon.
Gaza credo

Anonymous said...


Ghandi has stated as such:

"But according to the accepted canons of right and wrong, nothing can be said against the Arab resistance in the face of overwhelming odds."

He also called Arabs PROUD, not fanatics, not ignorant, not CHOLERIC.

Arabs share the same pride and guts as the Italians, the Greeks, and the Irish. I have to wonder if the Italians, Greeks, and Irish would be branded "terrorists" for fighting for what is theirs.

No...they would not.


It was Ghandi who put the responsibility on the jews, not the Palestinian Christians & Muslims, by saying:

"Let the Jews who claim to be the chosen race ...[CLAIM to be the "CHOSEN" race - R]... *prove* their title by choosing the way of non-violence for vindicating their position on earth. Every country is their home including Palestine *not by aggression* but by loving service."

The torture chambers in their prisons, the torture of Palestinian children, women, and men....innocent, illegally detained, illegally imprisoned, illegally kidnapped according to INTERNATIONAL LAW. According to the GENEVA CONVENTIONS.

That is some "loving service".

A few months before his assassination, Gandhi answered the question "What is the solution to the Palestine problem?" raised by Don Campbell of Reuters:

"It has become a problem which seems almost insoluble. If I were a Jew, I would tell them: 'Do not be so silly as to resort to terrorism...' The Jews should meet the Arabs, make friends with them and not depend on British aid or American aid, save what descends from Jehovah."

Ghandi has spoken.

You should be grateful. The Palestinians are doing America's dirtiest work. Fighting, resisting a grotesque, sociopathic idealogy - zionism. So don't tell the Palestinians how to fight back, to resist on their own lands, in their own country... stolen from them.

Your tax dollars service israel, the thief, not Palestine.

- Rhiannon

Mone said...

Yes and No...depends on what kind of resistant are we talking about.

From islamic perspective, no resistance should be aimed at civilians whatever the cause is. The prophet never harmed any civilian in his lifetime.
When the prophet was thrown out of Mecca in the begining, he didn't sit out of the border and started throwing stones "over the wall", but he gathered strength, and when Mecca was opened not a single soul died...
If the Arabs want to defend their lands same way, either they have to gather strength, or attack militant targets only and call off any random bombing, and if they can't do that then they should either gather strength or use their brains to their advantage either make deals or just walk over like Zee said and cross the border, few hundreds will die but the whole world will be with them

Karis Jade said...


i wanna die laughing....

"or just walk over like Zee said and cross the border"

WOW. "Brilliant". LOL...