Sunday, January 04, 2009


Zee said...

now, that was an interesting contribution. I hope many people will catch on to this one...

Lirun said...

they are not the only ones.. we also have combattants for peace as well as wounded working for peace..

these both have palestinians and israelis as members..

the world needs to strengthen these voices..

mind you it doesnt happen by unilaterally blaming israel.. people are better able to consider their mistakes when they feel understood by others..


im not criticising this post or mirvat - im just providing a perspective..

many israelis take issue with whats going on..

Mirvat El-Sibai said...

yeah Lirun, i know..

Anonymous said...

We can do without your "unilateral" perspective.


Anonymous said...

Avichai Sharon:

"That was for me, the deepest example of corruption. Just thinking that there were hundreds of thousands of families that couldn’t have one peaceful night of sleep in their homes. Who in the USA, israel, or any where else, would be willing to live like that? Not knowing if at 2 am, 20 soldiers taking over your house for a week, not knowing, sitting in your living, and suddenly hearing a smashing on your wall and there it is, a hole in the wall, and suddenly 20 soldiers come to visit. And for me that was routine."

I have to wonder what the Americans, Australians and Brits would do if they could live the life of a Palestinian for two weeks.

Would that change the world?

- Rhiannon

Zee said...

You never seem to have a word of consolidation Rhiannon.
Lirun made a fine comment, it came from someone who cares, basically stating that young people on both sides are disgusted and wish and work towards change.
Your hatred doesn't make life easier you know, Rhiannon?!
The bloodbath and destruction, in particular in Ghazza these days, is completely out of control, I know.
But in order to mend the peaces together, we all have to reinvent ourselves. Peace is fabricated by building bridges, not walls - as you might know.

Zee said...

And by the way, where in all earth do you live Rhiannon? Maybe to know this would give me a broader perspective.

Lirun said...


i missed you my love :)

Anonymous said...

From Rhiannon:

anyone who says this nonsense: mind you it doesnt happen by unilaterally blaming israel..

Does not want peace, OR is terribly NAIVE. It's as simple as that.

In case you haven't noticed, and you never seem to NOTICE! Is that the likes of livni and regev continually brainwash Americans, UNILATERALLY blaming Hamas. That is the ticket. That is their EXCUSE. Hamas is nothing. israel could smash Hamas in seconds - this world's 4th powerful militia, courtesy of your ever-lovin' tax dollars, zee.

What does it matter where I live? How does that concern you? Thought you were going to Lebanon, zee. And I told you to go to the WEST BANK and GAZA - IF you dare to learn the truth - your sensabilities surely will be shaken.

Perhaps, zee, you would like to volunteer FOR THE SHIN BET.


Molly coddling bullies who create pogroms against Palestinians is not the way to seek justice. You are too afraid of the truth. So scared, that it is easy for you to blame the real victims, the Palestinians.

Peace is done by building bridges, not walls? The WALL?
SURE! Whatever you say. Say it to the foreign policies of USA / israel ziocon entity.

oh yes....tear down the WALL, the BLOCKADE, the electric wired FENCES, the TOWERS, the CONCRETE EMBANKMENTS.

Sure....tear em all down.

Tell it to israel and zionist americans.

Lirun said...

ok so rhiannon i see you eat a good breakfast.. a nice hearty one that provides you with plenty of energy..

im glad :)

Anonymous said...

It isn't breakfast that provides me with plenty of energy.

It is anger and heartbreak.

Mone said...

hey guys, I missed the pillow fight :(
I m glad u put that video up Mirvat... breaking the silent is truly the name for that video